Closing a Pitch, Calculating Profit, & Managing Team Priorities #AskSwenk ep 38

By Jason Swenk on July 5, 2016

#AskSwenk 38: How to close a pitch and how to accurately calculate profit. Plus, managing your team’s priorities when it comes to training and continuing ed within the industry.

{0:38} Yasser asked:  Just a quick question… how do you end a pitch?

{2:02} Myles asked: I was wondering what your thoughts are on trying to work out the profit we make on a deal? I feel it’s a bit of a guess at the moment, as I’m not sure exactly what we should factor in to the cost of sale? Same goes for the monthly retainers, I’m not sure how we try and work out what it’s costing our business in terms of supporting the client?

{4:23} Phil asked: Say you found a fantastic video course that offers in-depth training on one of your core services. You get excited about it, and purchase it for your team to watch. You can’t wait for your team to watch it, so you can start a conversation about the course… But 7 days later, you find that no one on the team has “had time” to watch the course. Do you scream, cry, force them or just give up?

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