How to Speed Up the Agency Sales Process by Over 100%

By Jason Swenk on April 24, 2014

Do you want to learn how you can speed up your agency sales process by over 100%? If you don’t believe me, I explain all you need to know to bring in more profits for your agency.

Increase your business development process for your agency

A lot of what you do includes selling big ticket services and this means a long sales cycle.

How to Speed Up the Agency Sales Process

In this post, I’m going to explain to you the “Foot in the Door Offer,” which will help you turn prospects into clients, all while shortening the agency sales process cycle.

The best part of the “Foot in the Door Offer” is it’s simplicity: offer a smaller service to gain the prospect’s trust, thereby changing the relationship, then up-sell your core services.

Check out my previous post about how a marketing agency used the “Foot in the Door Offer”  to increase their revenue from one single trade show from $18,000 to $252,000.

Time to try a new approach.

Let’s think about what services you can offer your prospects that will end up shortening the sales cycle. You won’t be making as much up front, but you’ll convert the prospects to clients a lot quicker. Not only that – the client will end up trusting you, as well. That trust will benefit you in the long run.

For example, at my agency, we offered an SEO audit. We’ll talk to prospects and say “Hey, we notice you pay a lot for pay-per-click. We offer a small service to measure how effective that actually is for you.”

It’s not about making money at that point. It’s all about changing the relationship and proving value. Once the client sees your value, you can up-sell your core services.

Another way we showed value was during the discovery phase. Let’s say you chat with a client and they are not to sure what they need. This is where I love offering a discovery process, which was a small paid engagement that allowed us to dive in deep to their problems and deliver an actionable strategy. While the client pays for the discovery phase, there’s no obligation for them to go with us once discovery is completed. The discovery document is theirs to keep, even if they want to shop around elsewhere.

What this does is change the relationship. We’re not just walking in, asking for large sums of money. We charge a smaller amount, provide a smaller, yet valuable service, which ultimately gains their trust. Once trust is established, they’re more likely to go with us over someone else where they have no trust.

Convert and get more work.

Studies show that a client is 20 times more likely to do more work with you if you can convert them from prospect to client. That’s why this “Foot in the Door” technique is so effective. Small service is more likely to get them as a client, and as a client they’re more likely to do more (higher priced) work with you in the future.

So start thinking about what types of services you can provide now that would be a compliment to your core offering.

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