Are You Trying To Sell To and Reach Digital Agencies?

Agency owners know, like, and trust me. That trust is transferred to my podcast sponsors. Many of our sponsors have grown with us over the years because our audience is loyal and has confidence in my endorsements.

Jason Swenk here. I’m the founder and host of The Smart Agency Master Class. The #1 show for digital agency owners.

What is the Smart Agency Master Class Podcast?

Our podcast launched in March 2014 and has over 1,000 evergreen episodes (and growing). We have featured guests that are highly respected in the marketing and entrepreneurship communities.

Our audience consists primarily of digital agency owners who want to grow and scale a successful agency. Other listeners are creative freelancers and marketing professionals who want to start an agency one day or stay in the know about trends in the industry.

Our listeners are passionate about growing their agency and extremely engaged. They know, like, and trust me, and I like to recommend products and services to them to solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

So if you target your marketing to digital agencies, then my audience wants to hear from you.

Audience Demographics

Why Sponsor the Show?

Agency owners know, like, and trust me. That trust is transferred to the sponsor.

The Smart Agency Master Class reaches over 40,000+ per month. That is 40,000 sets of ears hearing about your product, service, or solution.

Every episode contains strategies and tactics that are immediately actionable for agency growth. Each episode includes an interview with an agency owner or influencer in the digital marketing space. New episodes twice weekly and the show is over 9 years old. The audience is English-speaking with 75% in the US market and the majority of the remaining in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

We have been rated as one of the top marketing podcasts on iTunes, and the #1 podcast for digital agencies and in the top 50 in the USA business category.

Interested in sponsoring The Smart Agency Master Class? Contact us here and check out the short video above to find out more about our listeners.

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Sponsorship Opportunities:

#1 Platinum ~ 8 shows ~ $18,000

When you’re a Platinum Level Sponsor you get my audience’s attention in 8 episodes. Here’s what you receive at this level:

#2 Gold ~ 8 shows ~ $15,000

(Note: Before any sponsorship is complete, I have to test out your product or service, because my community trusts me, and it needs to be amazing. I’m not just in it for the money.)