Starting a Podcast to Gain More Agency New Business

By Jason Swenk on August 17, 2016

Have you ever considered starting a podcast to connect with your customers and create an audience for yourself and your brand?

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • 4 big reasons every agency should have a podcast.
  • Common fears of podcasting and how to overcome them.
  • Starting a podcast and building an audience of new business prospects.

I’m super psyched to have Pat Flynn as my guest on today’s show. He’s the successful guy behind Smart Passive Income – a major resource for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business. He’s also the podcasting guru and is sharing tips with us about the benefits of podcasting, as well as how to get started – including ways to get over your fear of recording your own voice!

Pat got his start as an entrepreneur when he was laid off from the architecture industry in 2008. He started an online study program for architecture’s LEED exam, called and it took off. He learned a ton about quickly scaling an online business and over time turned that smart, passive income in another business… hence the name, Smart Passive Income 🙂

Pat says a HUGE way to nurture leads and establish a relationship is through podcasting.

4 BIG Reasons to Podcast

  1. The podcasting space is less crowded. Stats vary but there’s something like 5 million+ active blogs and only 500,000 active podcasts. Those are great odds! Podcasting is far less cluttered so you can find and reach your target audience.

  2. Podcasts are evergreen. There’s potential for exponential growth when these shows live out there forever. Pat has episodes from 2010 that are still getting downloaded six years later!

  3. People are still discovering podcasts. Listenership is growing and by starting a podcast sooner than later you’ll get in on the ground level. Listeners are downloading podcasts to listen to on the go: during their commute, working out, waiting in long lines, etc. When they find something they love, they’re even binge-listening!

  4. You’ll gain credibility. You’re trying to establish yourself as an authority with your audience. And when you interview expert guests you are also adding to your own credibility.

Another bonus? Content can be repurposed. You can turn an episode topic into a blog post or ebook, create a Slideshare or live event, even a lead magnet.

Getting Over Your Fears

Maybe you’ve been thinking of starting a podcast but you’ve got some hang ups about it. You’re not alone. There are several common fears a lot of people face which hold them back from getting started. Here’s how you can get over those fears…

“What if people can’t find it?”

They will find it as long as you’re specific in who you’re targeting. People search for podcasts based on their interests, problems and focus. If you’re searchable in one of those areas, they will find your podcast. It just takes a little time to build your audience so be patient and let it grow.

“What if I can’t come up with show content?”

There’s a couple different formats you can try out and see what sticks.

Invite expert guests on your show to be interviewed on a specific topic that interests your audience. People like: authors, prospects, existing customers, and forum owners make great guests. Interviews are a win-win because you get some great show content and the guest gets to promote their business, book, forum or area expertise.

Another popular show format is Q&A. Take common questions and record your answers, solution or advice. This is an awesome way to establish authority and credibility with your target audience.

“What if people don’t like it?”

The key is to help your audience. Choose topics that are relevant and helpful to them. Don’t guess what people want to know – research it online. Find out where your audience congregates online and see what problems, issues, or questions they are posting. Develop your show topics surrounding those issues and helping solve those problems. Don’t sell right away, just help.

“How can I find my ‘hosting’ voice?”

Everyone feels the same way and you’ll get over it in time. Pat says finding your voice is just trial and error. You’ll get into a groove but in order for that to happen you have to start somewhere. Go back and listen to yourself, critique yourself and do better next time. Also, read the comments that follow your podcasts and make changes based on that feedback.

The best thing you can do is: be you. It’s ok to look at other successful podcasters and model after them, but don’t copy their style. Be authentic and your “hosting voice” will develop by itself.

“I don’t understand the technology and equipment.”

Pat says the technology has come a long way since he started in 2010. You just have to research and education yourself.

The thing about fear of something like this is that is a sign that you’re about to do something that could be a really awesome game changer. So embrace the fear and psych yourself up for extreme awesomeness.

In fact, Pat offers a Podcasting Course which break down everything you need to know about getting started.

Starting a Podcast

To be successful in podcasting you’ve got to fully commit. 

Tell yourself this is something you’re doing and going to continue to do. Then stick to it.

It was December 2008 when Pat first decided he was going to start a podcast. It wasn’t until July 2010 that he actually published his first episode. It took him a year and a half to get started?!?

Pat’s best advice…. COMMIT. Just take action.

Building Your Audience

You absolutely have to specialize. Pick a niche and be super specific on who you’re helping. When you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one.

The more specific the better. In fact, when you upload your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher etc. you need to select a specific category in order to be searchable.

Specializing doesn’t mean that you have to turn away other prospects. Pat used the example of a video agency that specializes in streaming video classes. The agency owner knew a lot about yoga, challenges, lingo, phrases, etc. and targeted just yoga instructors and studios. She focused her advertising on this niche and was wildly successful. With that success she was able to expand to cross fit gyms, pilates studios etc.

Also, be prepared to be super patient. In Pat’s experience he says it takes a year or two to build a following and see real results. He stresses patience when you are trying to build a community of followers when starting a podcast. If you’re putting yourself out there, word will spread but it doesn’t happen overnight.

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