Why Hiring Entry Level People Can Grow Your Agency

By Jason Swenk on October 11, 2017

Do you want to grow your digital agency with amazing talent, but worried you can’t pay top dollar? This unique “reverse recruitment model” for finding and hiring entry-level team members that leads to training and keeping incredible talent might make it more doable than you think.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why and how to implement a reverse recruitment model.
  • How to develop agency talent by hiring entry-level talent for your team.
  • 2 big benefits to reverse recruitment.

Today’s guest is Morgan Lopes, CEO of Polar Notion, the web and mobile app development agency he co-founded 5 years ago. Like so many of us, he’s an accidental agency owner who shares with us some valuable advice about hiring a team to grow your agency. He has created and implemented a new recruitment model that’s netting fantastic results.

Why Hiring Entry-Level People Can Grow Your Agency

Morgan had an amazing mentor when he was young and new to the industry. He developed his craft through the generosity of an older, more experienced person who would not accept payment for his time. Instead, he asked Morgan to pay it forward. Years later, the solution is Polar Notion’s reverse recruitment model.

How the Reverse Recruitment Model Works:

  • Skills are teachable, personality is inherent.
  • Hire entry level candidates, typically right out of school.
  • Hiring process focused on personality and character instead of skill level.
    • Character traits to look for: teachable, curious, thoughtful, actionable
    • Skills are teachable, character is not.
  • Train skills and develop the craft in people who are already a culture fit.

How to Develop Agency Talent from the Ground Up

  • At first Polar Notion had no process and it was messier than it should’ve been.
  • Now there’s a process and curriculum in place.
  • New hires are onboarded and trained based on specific guidelines.
  • Employees follow process/steps and their appointed mentor makes daunting tasks more bearable.
  • Expectations for new hires and existing team are clear so the program is more successful.

2 Big Benefits of Reverse Recruitment

1. A Company Mission Transitions to a Way of Life

This isn’t a “thing” Morgan wants to talk about all the time or force his team do. They’re starting to create habits of mentoring and teaching each other – which is the ultimate goal. Instead of mentorship just being a company mission he aims for it to be something that is naturally ingrained in their culture and lived out.

2. A Super Low Employee Turnover Rate

Morgan’s agency has only ever let one person go. Ever. When you’re hiring based on personality and character everything clicks and people stick. Also, if/when issues arise the team is more apt to talk to leadership and work through a solution.

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