How Businesses Can Generate More Leads Without Creating More Content | #AskSwenk | Ep #58

By Jason Swenk on April 22, 2015

4 Simple Steps to Generating More Agency Leads Immediately

Ever find yourself churning out content but never seem to bring in more leads? In this episode of Ask Swenk, I show you how you can generate more agency leads without the need for more content from your team.

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Leads – we need them and they need us!

  1. Take a look at Google Analytics and find out which are your best performing blog posts. What content are you putting out there that is getting the most hits?
  2. Now, knowing what information your leads are seeking via your blog posts, revise your call to action on them… No more “Contact Me Now” crap. That is not a call to action, that is a passive cop out.
  3. Come up with a worksheet or template people can use to solve the problem or combat the issue that made them read your blog post in the first place. This should be something useful that you send after they opt-in with their email address ~ A.K.A. your lead magnet. Use the lead magnet as your call to action.
  4. Also, take another look at the headlines you’re using. Add words that will get immediate attention, such as: “How to Do Something COOL and Not Do Stuff That SUCKS.”  Then get specific, like:  “How to Do Something COOL and Not Do Stuff that SUCKS, If You’re a Digital Agency.

Take action like this and your leads will skyrocket right away.

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Be the Best Agency Owner

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