How to Generate Ad Agency New Business by Using Facebook Marketing

By Jason Swenk on June 17, 2014

In this session of The Smart Agency Master Class I chat with Kim Walsh-Phillips who is going to share with us how to get new business via Facebook, which is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Kim is the CEO of IO Creative Group and is a speaker, author, and a ROI enthusiast.

Why your current Facebook engagement is so low.

Because Facebook is free, you may have just jumped on all willy-nilly and started posting. According to Kim, that’s not the way to go about it. After all, you wouldn’t do that with a direct mail campaign, would you?

No, of course not. You would put a lot of strategic thought into what you were going to say. Kim suggests thinking of each Facebook post the same way. Your posts have the potential to be seen around the world, so each should be part of a strategy.

The engagement formula to make Facebook work for your ad agency.

Your Facebook posts should be 85% PBS and 15% QVC. Meaning, you spend 85% of the time offering free, valuable content, and only 15% of the time doing self-promotion. It’s a formula designed to gain trust and position you as an authority figure.

Your page focus shouldn’t be on lead generation. Kim points out that only 2% of people will return to your page after their initial visit. You’re trying to impress the newbies, so put yourself in their shoes. Would you like to see valuable content or a bunch of self-promotional posts?

In other words – brag sparingly. Ideally, you’d have one post per day, and only one of those per week would be promotional.

It’s not that you won’t be promoting at all. Create ads that look like post which show up in the News Feed of your target audience.

Here is the type of content should you be posting on Facebook.

You want to create content that is liked, commented on, and shared. The more of that kind of engagement you get, the more your stuff will show up in Facebook’s feed.

Kim suggests the following types of posts:

  1. Offering original content – tips, information, and resources
  2. Celebration – highlight a fan of the week
  3. Communication – ask a question of your audience

Don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of posting. Automation is your friend. Kim and her team schedule posts in batches, 30 days in advance. Her tool of choice is Hootsuite.

Kim’s Tips on how to get UNSTUCK and to the next level in your business.

  1. Read Dan Kenny’s book, No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses. Once you’re done reading that, become a member of GKIC.
  2. And stop being afraid of letting go of clients that aren’t the right fit anymore. It’s okay to out grow them, and it’s okay to say goodbye. If a client doesn’t help you reach your end goal, every hour you spend with them is one you’ll have to make up elsewhere.
  3. Find the A+ players, get yourself involved with them, and make yourself known as a specialist.

For more information on Kim Walsh-Phillips, check out IO Creative Group, or follow her on Twitter.

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