Referrals, Employees Freelancing & Video Marketing… #AskSwenk 45

By Jason Swenk on August 30, 2016

Discover a great strategy for getting referrals, settle the debate about letting employees freelance and get some great tips on video marketing.

{1:42} Ramzi asked: “I was wondering if you have any great strategies to get referrals from current clients?”

{4:15} Myles asked: “Should I let my full-time staff freelance in their own time? If so, what measures do I need to put in place to protect myself and my business?”

{7:02} Blake asked: “I am a big fan of your content. I own a 6 man agency and we’re going through that process right now. We’re trying to build our following with video marketing but it’s just tough getting started! Any advice you could share would be appreciated.”


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