How to Increase Website Conversions and Double Your Revenue

By Jason Swenk on June 24, 2014

In this session of The Smart Agency Master Class I sit down with Tim Paige who is going to talk with us about how to double website conversions and double your revenue. Tim is the Conversion Educator at LeadPages, where he has helped them grow their customer base to 16,000, and increase their list by another 10,000 leads.

Building your list is one of your most valuable assets.

For Tim and LeadPages, list building is what they’ve found to be the most valuable. Think of email addresses as a form of currency. People guard their email address like they guard their wallet. If someone is willing to give you their email address, that is a big deal.

But if it’s so valuable, why aren’t agencies building their lists on their website? According to Tim, it has a lot to do with the sheer volume of misguided information out there. Right now, there’s so much talk about social media that people are putting all of their focus there.

Seriously, folks – don’t make the same mistake I did. Start building your lists!

Don’t lose your website visitors at the thank you page.

A lot of us just use a generic thank you page sent out by an auto-responder. “Thank you for signing up with our company. Please check your email inbox.”

That’s such a dead end! Statistically, people are more likely to find a needle in a haystack than your website, so why are you sending them away from your page to check their email? People always check their email, but chances are they won’t come back to your site once they leave. Don’t miss this opportunity to keep the conversation going.

What you need to do on your thank you page to increase your conversions.

Try this on your thank you page:

  • Thank them for signing up and offer them a chance to sign up for next week’s webinar
  • Thank them for signing up and make them an offer to buy something like a site audit or discovery session.

Having an auto-responder helps build trust with your leads.

Tim suggests using your auto-responder to get more information. For example: someone downloads a tool from your landing page and is then directed to the thank you page (which now includes more helpful information). Then, every three days or so, the auto-responder sends an email with even more helpful information. Remember – you have to give something before asking for something. It’s all about building that relationship of trust.

3 Tips to increase your conversions right now.

These are Tim’s tips for increasing your conversions:

  1. Make sure you have a powerful lead magnet. You can have the best looking landing page with the most awesome opt-in form, but it doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t providing something of value.
  2. Create a list of the five tools to help your audience solve a problem they have. Keep it simple! Helpful, one-page tools convert well.
  3. Make sure if you’re using an image that it directs the eye toward the call to action. Use an arrow to point at the opt in box or have the person’s eyes looking in the direction of the button.

I also suggests checking out what LeadPages can do for you. They have a 30-day money back guarantee, so it’s worth a look. It has increased my site conversions from 15% to over 40%.


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