Lead Magnets, Bad Clients, TeleSales Companies #AskSwenk ep 36

By Jason Swenk on June 21, 2016

#AskSwenk 36: What makes a good lead magnet and how can you engage with prospects? Also, how to handle clients who approve work without reviewing and whether telesales companies are a good option for outbound sales.

{0:33} Frank asked: “What are others finding are good lead magnets to generate new contacts/leads? Beyond that, what are good ways get contacts to engage your firm once they are in your database?”

{2:43} Kelsey asked: “Does anyone have any experience with clients who approve work without actually looking at it? I have a client who has approved all of my work, but who just admitted to not actually taking the time to read any of the content I am posting on her behalf. Any thoughts?”

{4:22} Oscar asked: “I see outbound marketing as a key component to growing the agency. Having tried this already with a couple of companies recommended by others with mediocre results (and I am being generous), I thought of asking you for your experience in this respect and any recommendations you may have on telemarketing/appointment setting companies.”

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