By Jason Swenk on February 17, 2016

Do you know the benefits for your agency of a progressive profiling page?

In this episode, I cover:

  • A strategy for segmenting and qualifying leads that gets me a 94% response rate, and sets up my campaigns for huge success!
  • Are Gmail and other non business email addresses bad leads.

I got a question from one of you that other day saying:

“I’m getting tons of downloads from my free ebook, but not many of them turn into clients. I follow a basic warm-up campaign however I find most of the leads are Gmail accounts, so I have no idea what company they’re from. I suspect most are using a throw away email account. Should I start asking for mandatory company name and phone number, too?”

The short answer is, NO – it will kill your conversion rate. I repeat: It will KILL your conversion rate.

When you start asking for more information, your lead becomes suspicious of your intentions. Adding more forms will hurt you, not help. The exception might be if you are accepting reservations to a webinar or workshop and you are clear on why you are asking for more info. Instead, try using my technique:

Benefits of Progressive Profiling Thank You Page

After a lead decides to opt-in here, they are taken to my Thank You Page and asked one question at a time to help me TAG, and, QUALIFY them.

progressive profiling thank you page example

I started doing this about 4 weeks ago with the hope of getting a 25% response rate. I am seeing a 94% response rate!

Each tagged lead is put in the campaign that is best suited to their needs so I can accurately market to them. For example, I don’t send a marketing professional into a campaign geared toward agency owners. I also ask for their company revenue range, so I’m able to qualify each lead and determine whether they are in the range of clients I want to work with.

Why you should use Progressive Profiling Thank You Pages:

  1. Increases your campaign conversion rate, by segmenting your list so the right people go into the right campaign.
  2. Creates a better user experience, which allows you to deliver the best and most relevant content to them.
  3. Qualifying leads. Helps you determine who is on your list so you can market accurately.

Keep it simple and brief without being too invasive.

Do I think you are getting some throw-away Gmail or Hotmail addresses for opt-ins? For sure. Should you require for more information in order qualify leads? Nope. Try Progressive Profiling in your Thank You Page instead. Then let your marketing automation do the rest.

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