How to Build Authority & Generate New Agency Business On Instagram

By Jason Swenk on April 11, 2018

Wondering how you can use Instagram to drum up new business? Want to break through social media clutter and build your agency’s brand and authority? Then it’s not too late to get on the Instagram train. This is one simple, easy inbound marketing strategy you can start implementing right now to build your community and fill your new business pipeline.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • One easy approach to niching down.
  • Can Instagram work for marketing agencies?
  • A simple Instagram content formula.

Today I chatted with Steve Larosiliere, founder and president of the non-profit, Stoked, as well as founder and owner of, a super-niched marketing agency. With an extremely focused industry specialization, Steve has been able to become the authority in the portable sawmill, wood and lumber industry. He has an easy tactic to find the niche for your agency and a simple Instagram strategy to build a community – one that built his following to 52K+ and still growing! Steve shares tips with us on building authority, community and brand through Instagram.

One Easy Approach to Niching Down

We’ve discussed niches before and we’ll probably discuss this again. Does your agency have a niche? Do you know why you need one? Is your agency holding out, because you just don’t know where to start?

Steve has an easy approach:

  • Think about an industry that is important to you or your family/friends – something you can relate to.
    • Pick a niche that people are fanatically obsessed with.
    • Encourage great user-generated content.
  • Start calling people, lots of people, in that industry, CEO’s, marketing directors, etc
  • Gather information about the #1 problem they are facing.
  • Build your agency’s business around solving that problem.
  • Stay super focused on the industry – learn their special nuances, terms of the trade, etc.

Think of your agency as the media outlet for this specific field. Make it your agency’s business to promote, celebrate and highlight that industry.

Can Instagram Work for Marketing Agencies?

YES! Building a brand takes a lot of work. Be patient.

Your agency can build a lot of authority on Instagram. Combine different mediums and cross-promote, such as use posts Instagram to support your podcast. Use that to filter down into the niche and supplement with back channel conversations, either through direct message in order to find out how you can help people. Use DM to build relationships and trust.

Share the best work, the most beautiful things. Repost and use the hashtags your audience is using so they can find you. This will help build a community and a brand.

3 Simple Steps to Growing Instagram Followers

  1. To encourage growth, connect with influencers in the niche. Go to a certain set of hashtags and start engaging with the top followed.
  2. Put out goodwill content first and foremost. Engage, converse, share/repost.
  3. Occasionally drive traffic to a landing page. Grow your lists with a lead magnet to capture the leads you’re generating. Put out an offer that solves a problem. A low-ticket foot in the door offer works best.

Remember, with Instagram you’re creating a story to share. Create memories. Highlight the things that mean something.

Be where your agency’s clients are. Put out good stuff. Be innovative. Don’t compare your agency to what others are doing. Instead build upon what you think is right and create your own path to success.

Check out Steve’s on Instagram at @stevelaros

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I hope this was helpful and shows you how you can generate new business through marketing on Instagram. If you want to know how to improve your digital agency, you may come across challenges and knowing how to adapt will make you a better agency owner. I cover all topics from the increasing traffic to your agency website to creating the best agency proposals and more. I hope you found this helpful and can put it into action.

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