How to use Facebook Ads for Lead Generation for Your Agency and Your Clients with Art Malkov

By Jason Swenk on November 2, 2016

Do you want to learn how you can use Facebook Ads to create lead generation for not only you but for your clients too? Then you need to keep reading.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why you should be using Facebook ads and how to get started.
  • 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook marketing for your agency.
  • How to know if your Facebook ads are working and key metrics to monitor.

Whether you’ve never tried Facebook marketing or you’re just looking to improve at it, you’ve got to hear from my guest Art Malkov. Art is the co-founder of, a digital agency specializing in using Facebook to supercharge lead generation for themselves and their clients. Art shares some great tips on starting and maintaining Facebook marketing as well as some major mistakes to avoid.

Does Facebook really work?

Heck yeah, it does. Agency owners often tell me their audience is not on Facebook. Art says he hears it from clients, too. There are 1.5 billion users on Facebook. (That’s 3X more users than Twitter and Instagram combined.) Your prospects are on Facebook. They aren’t looking for you there, but they’ll definitely find you if done correctly to disrupt their pattern.

How to get started with Facebook ads

The problem with Facebook ads is that there’s no guidebook. There’s no training and no certification. No one really knows how to do it correctly – it’s all trial and error. So, most people end up winging it, become frustrated and feeling defeated. Art says he and his partner created a statistical approach that has been super successful for their agency and their clients.

Art says to think of Facebook ad management like the controls in the cockpit of an airplane. Each dial you turn or switch you flip has to work with the rest of the dials and switches to create a smooth ride. One wrong move and you can mess up the entire flight.

5 Facebook Ads Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Do a combination of video and still image ads. Don’t just do all video or all image ads. Art says when one client made the switch to combining the two they went from a 1 share : 50 likes ratio to a 1 share : 1 like ratio. (Pro tip: ‘Shares’ are more valuable than ‘likes.’ When people ‘share’ your content they actually reading/watching it and found value in it. When people ‘like’ your content they might be scrolling right past it.)

  2. Don’t use traditional ad copy. Generic adss do not get user engagement. Your ad content must be something of value. The headline must resonate with a specific audience and the content must solve a pain point of theirs. Try questions that start with: “Do you struggle with…?” or “Are you feeling…?”. Avoid anything like: “Click here for…”

  3. Do be direct to attract the right people. No matter who you’re targeting, call them out in your ad. My audience is Digital Agency Owners – so I have Facebook ads with the headline “Digital Agency Owner?”. Not only do my ads reach the right people, but I’m even seeing people who aren’t an agency owner tag their friends who are – and those tags are getting my ad in front of the right people without costing me anything.

  4. Don’t go in blind – educate yourself. Spend a couple weeks understanding all the options that are available. Not all the default settings will work in your favor. For example, there is a default setting for ads to share between Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t turn off the default option on Instagram you will spend a large chunk of your budget on Instagram without knowing it and you’ll think your Facebook ads aren’t working.

  5. Do target specific audiences. You can pinpoint a specific geographic region, even a particular section within a city if you want. In fact, targeting can be so impactful that one agency grew their opt-in rate from 0.3% to 32% just by targeting their Facebook ads properly.

How to tell if your Facebook ads are working

Art says you have to have someone appointed to monitoring your Facebook ads all the time. You cannot just “set it and forget it” – you absolutely have to watch and evaluate regularly.

You can gauge your success on user engagement – likes and shares – not on impressions. The more a post is shared the cheaper it becomes with yields amazing ROI’s. Ad prices can drop 3-5X if managed properly. However, if you aren’t monitoring this you will blow through your budget very quickly.

Key Facebook performance metrics to monitor

Relevance Score: This is how Facebook determines which ads to show a person. When your ad is relevant to your audience, its relevance score is higher, and is more likely to be served than other ads targeting the same audience. The more relevant your ad, the lower the cost to you. Relevance score is on a scale of 0 – 10. Once your post reaches 500 impressions you want your score to be a 5 or better. If it’s not, you need to reset your ad.

Cost per Conversion: What’s a lead worth to you and what are you willing to pay for it? In the beginning you cost per lead will be higher, but the cool thing is that Facebook will optimize your ads for you and you’ll see the cost go down.

Frequency Rate: Some people say that you don’t want your Facebook ad frequency to be over a 2 but Art and I agree if an ad is converting, then more is better. People will scroll past your ad the first few times they see it. Shoot for an 8 if you want to be in front of people as often as possible.

These are just some of the top Facebook marketing tips. But, if you’re interested in using Facebook to generate 25+ leads per day like so many of my clients you have to check out my Generate Leads Every Day program. I’ll cover even more in depth Facebook ad training, as well as more strategies so you can stop relying on referrals and fill your pipeline with more qualified leads every day.

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