How to Say ‘No’ To A Bad Agency Prospect | #AskSwenk

By Jason Swenk on March 7, 2017

Do You Have a Bad Agency Prospect?

Have you ever ignored that little voice telling you to turn away a bad agency prospect? It’s hard to walk away, even when you know they’re going to be a really bad client. Do you struggle with knowing when or how to say ‘no’? All that and more is covered in this episode…

Phil asked:

“Today I took on a client I know will be a bad one. I have struggled with knowing when to say: I don’t think we’re a good fit for you.

When a client is motivated and wanting to do business with you, but you know they aren’t your ideal client – how, when and what do you say to get out of it without sounding like a schmuck? I’ll take this guy on, but I’ve got to get a grip on how to get out of a bad deal.”

Advice For Your Agency

I hope this episode of Ask Swenk was helpful and brings you clarity to any potential bad agency prospects your agency is currently dealing with. If you want to know how to improve your digital agency, you may come across challenges and knowing how to adapt will make you a better agency owner. I cover all topics from the struggles you may face in your agency to creating the best agency proposals and more. I hope you found this helpful and can put it into action.

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