Why I Charge for Agency Programs, Owner Dragged Into Client Work & Getting the Contract Signed | #AskSwenk

By Jason Swenk on October 25, 2016

Why I Charge for Agency Programs

Ever wonder why I charge for my programs? Asked and answered right here! Also, how to quit being dragged into client work so you can grow your agency. Plus what do to when a client refuses to sign a contract and questions why you even have one.

{0:52} Simon asked: Everyone says a business owner should work on the business and not in the business. However, we’re a very small team of 5 people. The biggest challenge we have is hiring talented senior people who can run and grow the clients’ businesses. Simply put we don’t have the money to pay the huge wages they command. And our clients don’t and won’t pay that much to have someone manage their account. So I get dragged back into client work and can’t work on my own business. How can I prevent this from continuing?

{4:07} Simon asked: Just out of curiosity, if you sold your agency for 8-figures I’d assume you’re set up for life and can live off the savings. If that’s the case why aren’t you giving away your Playbook for free and just charging for 1-on-1 sessions?

{7:23} Tim asked: I’ve got a local client who is taking issue with my contract. Nothing IN the contract, but the fact that I have one at all. In their words, “We do relationships, not contracts.” The entire document is essentially a T&C agreement that covers liabilities and outlines a work process so that once signed, it stays on file. How do you handle contracts in a way that makes them approachable to clients?

Advice For Your Agency

I hope this episode of Ask Swenk was helpful and brings you clarity on agency programs and how to get those contracts signed.

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