Client Budget: How to Get Agency Clients with Bigger Budgets… #AskSwenk 50

By Jason Swenk on October 4, 2016

This week is all about budgets…  that is, client budgets. In this episode of Ask Swenk, we talk about what you can do when a client budget is lowered during a project, different strategies you can use for getting an increase in budget and how to land bigger clients with bigger budgets for your agency.

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Client Budget: How to Get Bigger Budgets

The first question in this week’s episode came from MJ {3:17}

MJ asked: What do you do when a client won’t give you the budget promised?

This can be the biggest frustration running an agency when you aren’t aware of a client budget when working with referrals which can cause time wasted or a client saying they have no budget when you start to work together on a project.

Be a reverse auctioneer when it comes to the client budget. Start high and drop low when talking with a prospective client and see where they will give you a cut off limit. They might not have an idea that’s clear enough to know their budget so organising a session to sit down with a client and work out what they want will help determine a budget.

Strategies for Increasing Client Budget

The second question then came from Carl {6:21}. Staying on the topic of our first question, Carl asked: What are the best strategies and tactics for a digital marketing agency to increase the budget of key clients?

Get results. Pure and simple. And make sure to communicate them to your clients.

Don’t send basic reports to a client without communicating to them what results you’ve created for them. Show them the leads from campaigns and what you want to do for your clients to create even better results explaining how you plan to do it. This is how you can raise a client budget.

How to Acquire New Clients

Our final question on this week’s Ask Swenk came from Andrew,{9:29}

Andrew asked: As a small video agency, what is your best advice for acquiring new clients, moving up the food chain and commanding bigger budget projects?

Best way? Become an authority in your market space.

Dive into your market by choosing a specialisation in your market and create valuable content that helps your audience and prospective clients without them having to pay you anything for the content.

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