The Power of Visual Storytelling for Brand Marketing with Ekaterina Walter | Ep #37

By Jason Swenk on October 23, 2014

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Do you want to learn the power of visual storytelling and how it can improve your branding marketing on social media as well as your relationship with clients?

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In this episode I chat with Ekaterina Walter who is a marketer who has worked with numerous Fortune 500 brands to help them with social business. She’s also an expert at visual storytelling and is going to show us the power of using video on social media to market your brand.

Why visual storytelling is the future.

Just go ahead and accept it. We are so inundated with various amounts of information that we have a hard time figuring out how to sort it correctly. So we’re just kind of making up our own filters as we go along.

What’s so great about visual storytelling is that it’s a filter that comes to us naturally. Humans process visuals faster than they process text.

Considering our attention spans are about 3.9 secs long, presenting information as a visual makes sense.

How to make your content snackable.

You don’t have to do away with long form posts completely, but when posting a link to your blog pull out some interesting tidbits to highlight along with the link. Showcasing the good bits will increase overall traffic.

There are lots of visual techniques to help get your overall message across. Infographics, data points, quotes, emphasized text, and animation are just some ways to deliver your message.

But king of all these techniques is video. Videos are highly consumable. If you’re putting out a press release don’t just do the same old boring release. Add a video to go along with the release, and you could increase your traffic by up to 50%.

Bonus – people love cartoons. Including a cartoon in your email or newsletter actually increases the open rate to 45%+.

What are some visual tools you can use?

If you want to make quick, easy visuals for your site or blog, here are some of Ekaterina’s suggested tools:

Try adding infographics, infograms, or infoactives. Learn to use Vine, for goodness sake! Gifs, memes, etc. are all great additions that make your posts more appealing.

Ekaterina’s advice to telling a better story.

Make sure that you really understand your brand, what your goal is, and where your audience hangs out. Once you’ve sorted those out, prioritize activities that allow you to build relationships with customers, stakeholders, and your employees. Understanding your community and knowing what they like is what will bring you success.

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How to Further Improve Your Agency

I hope you feel ready to improve your brand and connections with clients through visual storytelling but what other challenges are you facing?

I cover all topics from the struggles you may face in your agency to creating the best agency proposals and more.

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