Vision, Passion, & Innovation Is All You Need

By Jason Swenk on March 28, 2014

baseball1I just attended a great event in Atlanta for the Technology Association of Georgia. They had amazing speakers such as Ted Turner, Joe Plumeri, and Terry Jones. I want to share a story I heard at this conference. It is a story about vision, passion and innovation.

Vision, Passion, & Innovation Is All You Need

About 21 years ago, an 80 year old man from Trenton, New Jeresy had a vision to rebuild his community. He had been there all his life, and at the time, Trenton wasn’t fairing too well. The economy was depressed and people were moving elsewhere to look for work.

One day this 80 year old man started talking to his son, Joe Plumeri. He told his son he had a vision where he revitalized Trenton by building a baseball stadium. His father spoke with such clear vision and passion that Joe told him that if he got the city to approve and zone the stadium, Joe himself would buy the stadium and a team.  A year later, the city approved the stadium.

How did this 80 year old man get a stadium approved in one year? Joe’s father handed out fliers, spoke passionately to others about his vision, and organized a 1,500 person candle march to City Hall.  He raised enough money, through his passion and determination, to bring a minor league baseball team to town. He envisioned building a better community that would attract and keep people. This 80 year old man with a clear vision, brought over $20 million a year to the city, and has showcased the Minor League Team of the Year for 5 of the last 20 years.

I only share this story with you today, because as you face your business challenges and you think your obstacles are too hard to overcome, think about this story. Think about how this 80 year old man organized all of this with no technology, no formal knowledge of baseball or stadium construction. He had only a clear vision and a determined passion to change his community.

What are the challenges standing in the way of your vision? What is the vision you have passion behind?

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