Stop Throwing Up In Email & Do Sideways Emailing

By Jason Swenk on October 18, 2013

email marketingMost people have no clue how to use email for marketing and selling.  Their idea is to throw up on the audience by telling them everything in one long email and people get overwhelmed by all the noise.

There is a real opportunity to make it work but you have to think differently. [ctt title=”I approach email by taking everything I want the audience to know and breaking up the content into a series of emails I call SIDEWAYS EMAILING.” tweet=”Take everything I want them to know & break it up into SIDEWAYS EMAILING via @jswenk” coverup=”k2c6u”]

By doing this, you can start to create an automated email schedule to go out to your audience over time. Two great programs out there are Pardot and SilverPop that can automate your emails.

An example of SIDEWAYS EMAILING could be:

  • Email #1 – Ask them a question and get a conversation going.
  • Email #2 – Provide them value to a common problem they have.
  • Email #3 – Provide them more value to another common problem.
  • Email #4 – Tell them you can help them.
  • Email #5 – Make them an offer that can help them.

This formula has worked for me many times and will work for your clients too. What are other email strategies that have worked for you?  Comment here and tell me what works and what doesn’t!

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