Reasons Why You Would Sell Your Agency

By Jason Swenk on September 2, 2013

Is it time to hit the “Sell Agency” button and move on to the next venture? Do you have reasons why you think it’s not the right time?

Today, I wanted to talk through the reasons why owners choose to sell their agency.

  1. Money, money, money. No explanation required.
  2. To build something greater by combining forces. This allows an agency to have access to capital and resources which allows them to scale and grow quicker.
  3. Ready for a change. Every business owner goes through many emotions running their business and their comes a time when they are ready to do something else or retire.
  4. Struggling with growth. Some businesses grow too quickly or the market changes and now they struggle with growth. They feel that they need help and a possible acquisition could be the answer.

When I think back at the reasons I sold my agency, it was a hard decision. I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to sell, but never really knew what it would look like until I went through it. After much internal debate, I sold for several reasons:

  1. I wanted to build something greater with the capital and resources. 2 + 2 = 8.
  2. I was ready for a change.
  3. Money was a nice bonus.

What is the reason you would consider selling your business? What are some other reasons people would choose to sell their agency?

Is it Sell Agency Time?

Now that you have advice on whether or not it’s time to hit that “sell agency” button, there’s still time to evaluate the rest of your agency. Advice from a range of experts who have been in your shoes can make all the difference.

Whether you need advice on how to get the best price for your agency, what you need to do as an agency owner or if you want to keep your agency and want to fast track growth, I can help.

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