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Let’s SELL your AGENCY

How to Make the Big Decisions to Hire, Scale & Even Sell Your Agency

It’s tough making decisions as an agency owner! From your first hire to knowing when it’s time to sell. Here’s advice […]

Want to Sell Your Digital Agency Someday?

Ever since I sold my agency 5 years ago, a lot of agency owners have asked me tons of questions surrounding […]

How to Sell a Digital Agency & What’s My Ad Agency Really Worth?

Got questions about selling your agency? I often get asked things like: “what’s my agency worth?” or “how can I increase my […]

What You Need To Know To Profitably Sell Your Agency… #AskSwenk 43

 Curious about selling your agency? This episode covers how to determine your agency’s current value and what you can do […]

Selling Digital Agency, Partner Commissions, Prospect Silence #AskSwenk ep 34

#AskSwenk 34:  What you should do (and shouldn’t do) when selling digital agency, plus how to compensate referral agencies and how […]

Agency Valuation, Core Service Focus & Cold Calling: #AskSwenk Episode 28

In this video, I’ll cover: Figuring out the real value of your agency or one you want to invest in. Ways to […]


In this episode, I cover: The big reason why I got into the agency business. 3 reasons why I got out […]

How an Acquisition Can Be Used as an Agency Growth Strategy

Why Buying or Selling An Agency is EASIER Than You Think. In this episode we cover: Why buying an agency isn’t as expensive or […]

What Do I Need to Do When Someone Wants to Buy My Digital Agency?

It can be super exciting when someone is interested in acquiring your agency… right up until the time that it gets […]

How to Take your Digital Agency to the Next Level & Sell the Agency

In this session of The Smart Agency Masterclass, I chat with Raj Choudhury, co-founder of Spunlogic — which became one of […]

Five Steps You Need to Know To Keep Your Agency Growing

In this episode we cover: The steps needed to grow and/or sell your business – from hiring the right people to  forming a […]

What Is the Magic Price You Could Get For Selling Your Agency?

Most business owners are too busy in the business to even think that a company is looking to buy exactly what […]

The Documents You Need to Have Accessible in the Diligence Phase of Selling Your Agency

By Jason Swenk Here is a quick list of information to have readily accessible when going through the diligence phase of […]

Reasons Why You Would Sell Your Agency

Today, I wanted to talk through the reasons why owners choose to sell their agency. Money, money, money. No explanation required. To […]