How a Survey Generated over $100,000 in Agency Business

By Jason Swenk on April 22, 2014

How a Survey Generated over $100,000 in Agency Business

Are you struggling bringing in new agency business? Over the years I’ve discovered that surveys can be an invaluable tool for getting yourself some immediate clients.

In fact, the last survey I sent out had a 30% engagement rate and 10% converted to sales discovery meetings.

This translated into over $100,000 in revenue last year. (I promise you – surveys are awesome.)

So here are ways that you can leverage surveys to drive leads and increase revenue with an increase in agency business:

Who do you send the survey to?

You’ve been diligently putting together an email list of clients, prospects, and opportunities for your business and it’s time to put it to work. But don’t worry if you don’t have an email list. You can still survey people within your industry by calling and asking them to participate.

Survey says.

Let’s talk about the questions. Here are the four I typically include in my surveys:

  1. What are your revenue goals for the next year?
    You want to make your prospect think about what they want and envision the end goal. It is also great information to learn more about your list, which can help you segment the list later on. For example – you would market and sell differently to a company that is under a million vs. what you would do for one that’s over 20 million. This question and resulting answer helps you know where the prospect stands.
  2. On your current path, how long will it take you to get to that goal?
    I love asking this question because it helps the client to start seeing that they do need help. It also gives them a brutally honest look at the timeline, which helps make them feel impatient. Their impatience turns into business for you.
  3. What are the two biggest challenges that you face in your business?
    This one is the big money question. You not only learn how you can help them but you can use the answers as leverage to speed them through the process.
  4. What would it mean to you if you were able to get answers to these challenges?  This last question is a way for you to make them think about the result. At the end of the day, everyone wants results and if you can make them focus on theirs, you will win way more business.

With these four questions you will have gained incredibly valuable insights into what your customers and prospects want, as well as where they struggle.

By distributing the survey and asking your audience for their feedback, you’re putting yourself in a position to understand and stay in the top of their mind. Plus, you’re discovering the exact phrases and statements to use when you market back to them.

Here’s the key – respond with answers and advice, and you will uncover and win more agency business.

How Can I Help You?

I hope you found this beneficial and it helps you bring in new agency business and increase your revenue.

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