How Is Content Creation Changing with the Times?

By Jason Swenk on October 7, 2020

How Is Content Creation Changing with the Times?

Are you searching for more ways to attract new agency clients? Have you considered starting a podcast for your agency? Are you searching for new ways to spread the word about the services you offer? Are you wondering how to encourage your own team to be thought leaders? Now more than ever, it is clear that there content creation changing with the times and the options are endless. Take advantage of them all by asking for help so you can focus on growing your agency.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

    • How is content marketing and content creation changing with the times.
    • When should content be written vs spoken?
    • 3 things to turn your team into thought leaders.

I talked with Steve Pockross, the CEO of the content creation marketplace, Verblio. Verblio currently has 3,000 writers who create 70,000 pieces of unique content each year, with a focus on delivering content to more than 500 digital agencies who count on the company to supply content for their clients. Steve is here to talk about how content creation is changing with the times and how agencies can keep up with these changes. Today, Verblio’s writers need to go beyond writing simple blog posts to transforming audio and video content into written work and refreshing old content into something new.

How Content Marketing Is Changing With the Times

At the beginning of 2020, Steve noted the trend in content creation was long-form content creation. Clients were seeking content that was 1,000 words long or more. Additionally, clients were beginning to ask for written content created from video. However, when the pandemic hit in March, the requests for content changed again. “Since the pandemic, we have seen a move toward instant impact content,” Steve says. “We are getting requests for content refreshers. We are re-purposing audio content as written content.” Additionally, Steve adds, there is a micro-content trend in which larger pieces of content are broken up into smaller pieces that provide a quick, easy read for the client’s audience.

With all of the changes experienced through technological advances and world events, one thing Steve has noticed is clients are going bigger. Verblio has experienced a 25% increase in content requests since April.

When Should Content Be Written vs Spoken?

Digital agencies are looking for a way to reach their clients in a world that offers many different channels and platforms. Steve says to use them all. “Podcasts are a DVR for audio,” he says. “They’re so accessible, you can listen anytime you want.” He adds that there is a natural viral aspect to podcasts: they’re interactive, they’re engaging, and they are a way to build your audience.

On the flip side, though, Steve stresses making a podcast involves preparation. You can’t ask every guest the same questions, and with 800,000 podcasts available, it’s important to know what you’re trying to create and who you’re trying to reach. As effective as a podcast can be in reaching your clients, “many people still love to read,” Steve said. Providing your podcast content in written form is a more complete way to present the content and reach different listeners as well as readers.

Writing is time-consuming and not everyone is confident in their ability to do it. Steve encourages agency owners to perform the work they’re strong in seek help from outside sources or others on your team in order to provide content in other formats to reach a larger audience.

3 Things to Turn Your Team Into Thought Leaders

Being a thought leader is difficult to manage when you still have a day job, Steve notes. This is one of the reasons that encouraging your team to be thought leaders can provide you with advantages. Some of the things you can do to encourage this thought leadership in your team include:

  1. If you do a podcast, include your team. One way to start this process is to ask team members what questions they are repeatedly asked by clients. Then create a podcast around those commonly asked questions. This extends to everyone from operations to creatives to the account team. Getting the team involved not only takes the burden off of you in creating all of your agency’s content but also opens the doors to their own ideas on how to create fresh content. “Great content isn’t written, it’s assembled,” Steve says.
  2. Commit to the process. If you want to offer a company blog, commit to a schedule that allows you to create blog posts. If you aren’t a writer, commit to finding a writer who will work with you. Instead of stressing about creating 100% of the content for your agency, have someone else create 80%.
  3. Be clear with your expectations. Commit to sharing your thoughts about content creation and getting feedback in return. Remember, your thoughts are not going to telepathically transfer to your team or to your outside content creator. They have to be clearly communicated.

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Looking for a Solution to Content Creation Changing?

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The Next Steps

In order to get to the next steps in agency growth, you need to recognise that content marketing and content creation changing is something that will continuously happen so you need to be prepared to adapt with it. There may be other challenges that come your way but don’t worry — this is where I can step in.

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