How to Grow Your Agency with a Target Audience of One with Chris Brogan | Ep #59

By Jason Swenk on April 28, 2015

How to Grow Your Agency with a Target Audience of One

Sounds a bit crazy but today’s guest, Chris Brogan, says not only should you find your niche but why you should really drill down and create a target audience of a particular person to exert your marketing efforts.

Chris is CEO of Owner Media Group as well as a long-time blogger, professional speaker, author and consultant on using media and engagement to build a better marketplace. He’s worked with brands like Coke, Google, Comcast, and Pepsi but he’s also been consulting with smaller businesses as well.


Why Focus on an “Audience of One” Target Audience When There are So Many People to Reach?

“We live in a world where even a toilet knows you’ve left and automatically flushes but a person in the same room as you can be so absorbed in their phone they hardly notice you,” says Chris. Be the toilet. Help people feel seen and heard.

To do this, identify a very specific target audience (don’t worry about reaching everyone and don’t worry about scaring people away). There are commonalities among individuals; find those and market to them in that way. Chris uses the example of Napa Auto Parts and Ace Hardware stores. Sure, they’re in completely different industries but the common trait is that they’re retailers for the Do-It-Yourself-er. The principle is the same for both – buy the parts, install them on your own. Find the similarities while treating them uniquely.

And, to REALLY reach your Audience of One:

DON’T try to be the next “Thought Leader”. Flooding media with streams of content streams – which usually ends up just being links to articles – doesn’t help or serve anyone. Don’t add to the chaos.

DO find a way to inform, entertain and equip your prospective clients for success. Make them the hero in their own story. Give away your ideas and the framework. They will still come to your for implementation and adding value. Think about it – even if they have the recipe most people still prefer sitting down to be served at a restaurant.

DON’T think for a minute that everyone is reading everything you put out there. They aren’t able to watch your every move. (But what a great problem to have if they were!)

DO feel free to recycle your content by finding a different way to present it. If you are providing value and serving your audience, it’s OK to repeat yourself or explain it in a different way to reach different people.

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  1. Business is about belonging. People want to be part of something, so make your business a servant to their community.
  2. Access is the new aloofness. Be available and reach out personally. People buy from people, not from brands or businesses.
  3. Connect and serve. Community and engagement go a long way. If you can connect people to each other and provide value for both, your extension of goodwill will gain their loyalty and trust.

In terms of terms of tools, Chris believes we are done with multi-billion user platforms. People are trending toward community-based platforms that serve a purpose in their corner of the world. He feels applications like Bonfire and Whatsapp, the smaller group-based community platforms, are going to the upcoming trend.

Above All, Just Be You

Don’t try to be like the big agencies. Chris and I both agree the key to a successful business is having great relationships. Be personal, be available, and take a genuine interest in your clients and community. The big agencies may have tons of clients but that only means they can afford to tick off a few. When you’re being yourself you’ll attract clients who are like-minded. Working with people you would actually hang out with socially makes for smoother, seamless work.

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