How to Build Relationships and Keep Your Agency Top of Mind

By Jason Swenk on June 20, 2018

Thinking about doing a podcast, but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed by the prep work like booking guests and developing questions? Here are some insights, helpful tips and actionable strategies to have your agency stay top-of-mind and build relationships.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why your agency needs to start a podcast.
  • How to get over the first hurdle.
  • 2 easy steps to secure great podcast guests.
  • #1 tip to develop strong podcast questions.
  • Tips and tools to build relationships after the episode airs.

Today I talked with social dynamics expert, Jordan Harbinger. As host of the podcast and The Jordan Harbinger Show. Jordan uses his great questioning skills to delve into strategies, techniques, and habits of some of the most successful people on the planet. He’s had the opportunity to interview huge guests like a CIA agent, a military General, even Larry King, and Shaquille O’Neal! Jordan understands the influence of podcasting and shares some great nuggets of knowledge on how to start and maintain a successful podcast to keep your agency top of mind.

Why Your Agency Needs A Podcast

A podcast is a great way because:

  1. It is an outreach tool to create relationships.
  2. Your ideal audience is searching for your content.

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How To Get Over The First Hurdle

The #1 objection to starting a podcast is usually that people hate the sound of their own voice. Jordan says there is a simple way to get past this — edit your own show.

Having to listen to your own agency show over and over will provide you with some great insight on things to work on:

  • What filler words are being used too much (such as “like” or “ummm”).
  • How to be dynamic in your tone and inflection.
  • How to use a microphone and test/track sound quality.

Once these are corrected, listening to your own voice won’t be so bad.

2 Easy Steps To Secure Great Podcast Guests

To get great guests you need to simply:

  1. ASK!
  2. Be persistent.

People are more accessible than you might think. Just be brave and reach out because you’ll never know if you don’t ask 🙂

Utilize and create network connections that your agency can leverage to bring on podcast guests.

Make a list of who you want. Create a system to reach out, and be sure you doesn’t just focus on one guest at a time. Reach out to multiple potential guests and follow-up consistently until you get a yes.

#1 Tip To Develop Strong Podcast Questions

Be well prepared! Out-prepare everyone else.

Do the research on the guest, read their book, watch their videos, listen to their podcast… learn about them before the podcast.

Keep the questions insightful and don’t focus on being super witty or clever.

Your goal for a successful interview should be that you run out of time, not material. Set up the questioning to last double the amount of time as the actual podcast. This will allow for editing to really hone in on the most valuable nuggets of information and get rid of all the “fluff” that is not of vital interest to your listeners.

Tips And Tools To Build Relationships After the Episode Airs

Follow-up, reach out, stay in touch. Just because someone was a guest, doesn’t automatically make them a solid contact. Make an effort to continue communication to build the relationship. Jordan’s website Advanced Human Dynamics offers a free mini-course on things like:

These tips require very little investment of your time, but can drastically impact your relationships with guests, sponsors, and potential clients. It is worth the time! Visit the website here and click on Level 1.

There are also 2 great tools for your agency to use:

  1. Boomerang
    • A useful tool that works with Gmail and allows you to control when emails are sent and received as well as schedule reminders.
  2. Contactually
    • A CRM program that can organize and prioritize contacts and communication with them. Set reminders and store information so remember to touch base with potential guests, pasts guests, etc. at a predetermined increment of time (30 days, 45 days, etc.)

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