Hung Up on Marketing Your Own Agency.... #AskSwenk ep 59 - Jason Swenk

Hung Up on Marketing Your Own Agency…. #AskSwenk ep 59

By Jason Swenk on January 10, 2017

Do you have a hard time marketing your agency because you’re too close to it? Do you question your own branding and creative, even though you do a killer job of it for your clients? You’re not alone. Here’s how you can step outside of your business, market to the right clients and really crush it in sales!

{1:07) Rob asked: “I’m really struggling with marketing my own agency. We are crushing it with clients but when it comes to marketing my company we get smashed in the face by a huge wall.

I’ve started the process again looking to re-design my website, create e-books and automate emails but then I get to a point where I’ve got a finished design and I start to doubt everything before finally hating it.

I’m now considering outsourcing it to a close friend with their own agency in another town… Any thoughts on overcoming this?”


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