Hire Someone Who Wants to Someday Run Their Own Agency?… #AskSwenk ep 56

By Jason Swenk on December 6, 2016

This week’s episode covers questions about hiring practices. Should you hire someone who tells you in the interview that they hope to someday run their own agency? If they’re otherwise qualified, should that be a deal breaker? Also, if you find a great new hire but they don’t live close, should you pay for relocation?

{0:30} Jack asked:  “Say you’re interviewing candidates for a sales position at your agency. When asked what they want to be doing in five years, the candidate says they want to run their own agency some day. Is this a deal breaker? We both know how hard running an agency is! Chances are, they won’t be. But even if they did — should that be an issue? I’m thinking it’s kind of inevitable in our industry and I’m leaning towards being OK with it but I’m curious about your perspective.”

{3:13} Aaron asked: “Would you suggest paying relocation costs for new hires? If so, under what circumstances would you offer it… Junior level or only Mid/Senior level? Would you stipulate they had to be a certain distance away in order to pay for a move? And would you reimburse certain kinds of moving expenses or just do it as a lump sum signing bonus?”


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