Should You White Label Agency Services? | #AskSwenk | Ep #151

By Jason Swenk on September 27, 2016

Should You White Label the Services That Your Agency Provides?

In this episode of Ask Swenk, we talk about all things to do with white labeling agency services. This is from whether you should white label in order to work with big brands, to charging for it and who’s responsible for liability insurance on white labeled services.

{1:20} Phil asked: “I currently white label my services for another company and they are dealing with some pretty big clients…. What are your thoughts on white labeling?”

{5:34} Phil also asked: “I know the agency I’m white labeling for is adding a large chunk of money on top of what I am charging. For example, I charge them 5k for a website and they are charging the client 25k. I would otherwise be happy with the prices I charge them if I didn’t know they were charging so much on top of it. Should I up my rates to them and risk them going elsewhere? Or do I carry on with them taking the lion’s share of the profit?”

{7:38} Meg asked:  “In instances of white labelled services, which party is responsible for liability insurance for the services rendered? The company that is white labelling a service, or the actual service provider?”

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