Agency KPI’s, Technology, & Client Contracts #AskSwenk ep 32

By Jason Swenk on May 17, 2016

 On this episode of #AskSwenk, we’ll cover: What KPI’s your agency should be measuring, how to keep up with all the latest technology and what key info you need to include in client contracts.

This Week’s Questions:

{0:25} Susan asks: “What KPI’s does a digital marketing agency need to measure?”
{2:10} Troy asks: “You are pretty much on every channel. I’ve listened to your podcast, seen you on Twitter, FB, Instagram and your blog, How do you keep up with it all?”
{4:28} Rory asks: “As I’m just starting out, and bringing on clients, are there any super critical “things” to include in contracts and should we worry about contracts?”

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