Which Two Audiences Should Every Digital Agency Create Content For? With Kieran Flanagan

By Jason Swenk on September 25, 2019

Would you like to master inbound marketing with killer content? Would you like your agency to generate more leads without working harder to find them? Generating more traffic and engagement is the key. And it’s doing better is easier than you think when you address the right two audiences. With some strategy you can win at the content game and land your digital agency more inbound leads than ever.

In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

  • Two audiences every digital agency needs to create content for.
  • Why the agency owner should be the face of the agency.
  • How your digital agency can increase blog site traffic.

Today, I talked with Kieran Flanagan — VP of Marketing for HubSpot. Not only did Kieran help HubSpot grow into an international marketing goliath, but he’s also partially responsible for growing their freemium business. We all know HubSpot is a big deal in marketing but, did you know 100% of HubSpot’s customers come from the demand created by the marketing team? Kieran’s on the show today to share with us the two audiences his team focuses on and why your agency should too.

Two Audiences Every Digital Agency Needs to Create Content For

How do you satisfy the mental cravings of clients and forge emotional connections with them? HubSpot breaks their marketing department into two teams — Mind and Heart.

So, the Mind team is responsible for tactical content such as blog posts. The team figures out what people are searching and creates content around questions, concerns, and keywords based on SEO demand.

The Heart team is responsible for emotional creative, like videos and audio content. You know, the stuff that pulls at entertains or creates connections. This type of content makes people feel that working with your business will solve their problem or ease their pain point.

Here’s what’s great:  Each team has its own content calendar, and they act independently. This way, both types of content gets full focus, and HubSpot knows it’s churning out both types of content regularly.

Why the Agency Owner Should Be the Face of the Agency

What do VaynerMedia, Apple, and Microsoft all have in common? They all have an owner who represents the brand! You need to be the face of your agency. Now, I know that can be scary sounding. Many agency owners feel being the face of their agency is too time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! You set the methodology.

Yes – you be a leader. But no – you don’t have to hustle 24/7.

It can be as simple or as complicated as you want. As always, stop doing the things you suck at and nail your strengths. As an Agency CEO, you have 5 roles in the agency and being the front-face of the company is #1.

How Your Digital Agency Can Increase Blog Site Traffic

As most everyone knows, HubSpot has some fantastic blogging tips. They do pillar and cluster model for their posts, including marketing funnel diagrams and spend tons of time and resources on the HubSpot blog. So, obviously they have some phenomenal blogging tips, right?

Here it is… drumroll please… you have to have a reason to write blogs. Wait! Before you roll your eyes, think about it. Does your agency really have a reason to create your blogs? Are you just writing “10 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency” style blog posts (which are so clearly just cushy soft sales pitches)? Your prospects aren’t stupid – they see right through that stuff. Your blog posts don’t capture the heart or the mind of your prospects.

When HubSpot writes “Best Marketing Hacks of 2019” their content isn’t just ranking. They’re accomplishing their mission, too. They sell marketing software and their mission is to help marketers with solutions to make their jobs easier. That blog post both ranks and it furthers their mission and it caters to a specific audience with a beneficial outcome.

So — If you sell agency services to lawyers, don’t write “10 reasons you need a digital marketing agency.” Instead, write a post titled “10 Ways to Get Quality Law Leads for your Law Practice” and see what difference it makes.

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