Top 10 Smart Agency Episodes of 2019

By Jason Swenk on December 30, 2019

Would you like to know what other agency owners find the most helpful in systemizing and growing their agency? In 2019 we gave you actionable advice, tips, and strategies from 50 agency owners and thought leaders. Here are the best of the best in our list of Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of Smart Agency Masterclass podcast of 2019.

10. Growing An Agency Team

Are you having trouble filling roles in your agency with the right people? Is your team having trouble building relationships with the client and each other? You cannot grow a successful agency without the right people in the right seats. But building a great team might be easier than you might think.

growing your agency team - Successful Agency Team: The Secret to Growing Your Best Team

9. Converting Inbound Leads

Is your agency working on inbound marketing strategies? Do you put out a ton of content but have poor conversion rates? Wish that you could stay a step ahead of the competition? You’re probably doing all the right things but may not be using the right tools.

conversion tools

8. Future-Proof Your Agency

The agency industry is ever-changing but you can create an evergreen marketing agency by going back to the basics. Some of the best practices from the Mad Men era still apply today. Check out these strategies from an agency founder who’s been in the business since the 1980’s.

evergreen marketing agency

7. Growing to 6-Figures In 2 Years

Feel like your agency is stuck or reached a plateau? It happens, whether you’re just starting out or in business for many years. Don’t get frustrated or settle for the status quo. Instead, it might be time to get back to the basics, get scrappy and get creative. With the right strategy, mindset, and persistence you can make some tweaks that help you jump that next hurdle and reach a new level for your agency.

6. Winning More Agency Clients

Would you like to win more clients without the pressure of constantly selling to them? Would you like to know how to improve relationships and build authority? Stop wasting time, energy, and resources by networking. Instead, leverage media to help you win more agency business without constantly selling. Learn some great growth hacks through the art of preselling.

How to Win More Agency Clients Without Constantly Selling

5. Agency Growth Pitfalls to Avoid

Three big lessons from starting, growing, scaling, and exiting multiple agencies today’s guest shares a ton of knowledge on everything from business partners to building a team to merging with a bigger agency.

Digital Agency Advice: 3 Big Lessons from Four-Time Agency Owner

4. Finding Clients and Hiring a Salesperson

Are you trying to figure out how to scale your agency and take on new agency clients? Finding clients can be tough, especially if you don’t yet have a salesperson or team in place to land more clients. But, if you play your cards right, you can skip some of the typical growing pains in order to grow and scale faster.

New Agency Clients: 3 Ways to Reel in More New Agency Business

3. Systems that Help You Charge What You’re Worth

Check out how one digital agency owner jumped from landing an $18K project to a $500K project by having the right framework in place. And by learning the systems you, too, can attract ideal clients who can pay what you’re really worth. It’s all about doing more with less, hiring smart, knowing what to say ‘no’ to and attracting the right clients.

How One Digital Agency Jumped from $18K to $500K Projects - make your agency more marketable - digital agency

2. Executing the Agency Owner’s Vision

Want a peek into Gary Vaynerchuk’s and VaynerX’s agency growth strategy? What can you learn about agency structure and growth from VaynerMedia? What does it take to become a “visionary” like Gary Vee? Great questions! And the President of The Sasha Group (a VaynerX agency) is here to share all this and more. Check out how you can apply some very Gary principles to your digital agency.


1. Branding and Marketing Your Agency

The Father of Permission Marketing, Seth Godin, shares amazing insight into growing your agency. He dives deep into branding, determining value, niching down, client retention, as well as the future of agencies. Growing Your Marketing Agency:Seth Godin's Advice


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