Do You Send Emails Your Agency Prospects Want to Open?

By Jason Swenk on February 22, 2021

Are you struggling to attract new clients with your outbound marketing? Do you need to build deeper connections with your prospects? The key is creating an outbound strategy that is worthy of prospects’ engagement. In a time when we’re all bombarded with multimedia and social media, what are you doing to make your agency stand out from the rest?

In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

  • How to send emails your prospects actually want to open.
  • How personalization can help your agency win clients.
  • Should your agency outsource outbound sales research?

Today I had a really fun chat with Jonathan McFarlane, Director of Strategy at Hybrid Marketing Company. His agency deals almost exclusively with cannabis and hemp companies. The agency hasn’t experienced a lot of the challenges many other agencies are facing during the economic downturn. That said, Jonathan still works hard to look for opportunities to grow his agency. He is sharing what he’s done to reignite his agency’s outbound marketing strategy and how he’s using humor to connect with prospects during this difficult time.

How to Send Emails Your Prospects Actually Want to Open

Hybrid Marketing Company started three years ago. During that time, the agency has relied heavily on referrals to bring in new clients. But while referrals are great, they are not a scalable approach for continued growth. Recently, Jonathan decided to switch things up. Now, the agency does a lot of LinkedIn networking and cold emails to build up their network.

The problem with email campaigns is most people won’t even open an email unless they already have a personal connection with the sender. Yet Jonathan averages a 55-60% open rate. How?

Jonathan says his goal is to create funny, witty emails. His emails feature his new work-from-home “assistant” — his two-year-old daughter who says, “it’s time to build new connections.” Each email features a link to a case study and a picture of his assistant doing something cute and irresistible, like “sleeping on the job” 🙂

Jonathan’s advice is to get creative, have fun, and try to connect with prospects on a personal level. You also want to do some research and personalized the email. Be relatable and unique so your emails are read instead of ignored.

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How Personalization Can Help Your Agency Win Clients

Even if you can get a prospect to open an email, it can still be a hard sell to get a client to reach out to you, especially in today’s climate. This is where personalization can set you apart. Every now and then, Jonathan will check out the websites of prospects who he thinks might be a good fit. Then he’ll email them with specific ways his agency can help.

Obviously, most agencies don’t have the time to personalize every email they send out. Focus on prospects who align with your agency’s strengths or those with an existing connection. Even if they don’t need you yet, when they do decide to hire an agency, they’ll remember the extra work you put in.

Should Your Agency Outsource Outbound Sales Research?

If personalized emails are so effective, then wouldn’t it make sense to outsource your research so you can maximize outreach efforts? The choice is up to you, but Jonathan says he likes to keep the research in-house.

When you bring in a third party to gather information, there’s an extra level of communication. Think of it like the game of telephone — you risk losing valuable information with every layer that stands between you and your potential client. When your team is doing the research, you’ll have a better idea of what makes your agency best suited to meet the client’s needs.

When you’re trying to build new connections, it can be difficult to get people to pay attention. Find ways to stand out and show you’re invested. Even if a prospect doesn’t reach out to you right away, there’s a good chance you’ll leave an impression.

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