Get the automated systems and marketing plan that consistently deliver high-dollar, qualified leads. You’ll learn how to craft compelling messaging that gets clients excited to work with you. You’ll also map out a crystal clear vision for the future of your agency and set high but attainable revenue goals.


Convert more leads with strategies that are proven to get the sale. ​​You’ll learn how to position your agency so that you’re not just “a choice,” but “THE choice.” You’ll also learn how to create a client experience that inspires trust, loyalty, retention and recurring revenue.


Transform into the CEO of your agency and delegate to a team you trust to make the right decisions, even when you’re not around. You’ll get access to our agency-specific automations and team incentives for scaling. This is where the magic happens because you’ll be growing at breakneck speed, while spending LESS time working in your agency than ever before.

"The best resource for growing an agency that I've seen. The program made me think different. It showed me how we could get out of working in the business and work on the business where we had massive growth and we even made the INC 500 list." 

Ralph Burns ~ Tier Eleven

Hi, I'm Jason Swenk.

I was a digital agency owner for 12 years before I sold my agency for over 8 figures and created the Agency Playbook ® Framework.

We've used these exact 8 systems to create another 8-figure agency in under 2 years.

Like many agency owners I admit, my business was based exclusively on referrals and I was working 24/7. I was constantly hustling, but getting nowhere fast. 

Even when I was physically out of the office, I was there mentally and it was starting to affect my personal relationships. 

Professionally, I was getting the same, like-minded clients, in the same old niches and was never able to break through my revenue plateau. I couldn’t grow. I couldn’t scale. I couldn’t charge what I wanted to be charging or even close to what I was worth. 

But then, everything changed.

I decided to go from reactive, putting out fires and spinning my wheels to a proactive Agency CEO, chief strategist, and master delegator.

I finally started working ON my agency, instead of just IN it. We grew to over 8 figures in under 2 years. 

I’ve poured every strategy, every template, every piece of advice that actually worked into the Agency Playbook®. The Agency Playbook® is the resource I would have wanted when I was an agency owner.  

The Agency Playbook® is distilled into 8 systems that you can rinse and repeat anytime you’re ready to grow your business and reach the next level of profitability. 

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Don’t waste time and money trying to figure it all out on your own.  

Eliminate delays and costly mistakes by getting the proven framework that has helped hundreds of agency owners successfully scale AND get their lives back.

“We went from doing $200K one year to last year we did over $1M.”

Chase Highley, Greenstone Media

“The Agency Playbook helped me realize I was not charging enough and within 10 days of finishing it I had renegotiated new, higher rates with a current client.”

Annie, Downstage Media

“We went from not being able to make payroll to landing our biggest sale ever just 9 days after going through the Agency Playbook.”

Aman Birdi, Digiruu

The 8-Step Framework to Predictable Profit


System 1: CLARITY: Is your goal to not have to deal directly with clients and individual accounts, and to be able to set up an organization where you can concentrate on growing the business without all of those distractions? In this system you will discover how to create and clearly communicate your vision to your agency. If they don't know the vision, they will make decisions based on what is best for them, versus what is best for the agency. You will be able to create a crystal clear path to where you are going, what you need to do, and what to say ‘no’ to. 

System 2: POSITIONING: Discover how to become an authority in your market, where you are attracting your ideal accounts, and not having to deal with the small accounts that eat up all your time. Position your agency as "The Choice" vs "A Choice."  

System 3: OFFERING: Discover the winning formula for the order of services and products you should offer, what you should charge for your services that will be extremely profitable? 

System 4: PROSPECTING: Identify what and where you need to be in order to increase leads and convert the leads into opportunities. From the low hanging fruit that can bring in immediate revenue, outbound strategies, inbound strategies, how to build the right strategic partnerships, and how your agency can capture and convert the ideal leads and opportunities. 

System 5: SALES: From qualifying leads, converting at a high percentage, drafting a proposal, how to handle objections, to building a sales team, you will discover how to increase your sales. 

System 6: DELIVERY: Find ways to streamline your delivery for more profit, avoid scope creep, and learn how to take on more work with limited resources. Get the exact process for protecting yourself on delivering work to the client including all of the documents we used: change order forms, creative brief, questionnaires. Also, learn ways to interpret what the client really wants, obtain sign-offs, and so much more. 

System 7: OPERATIONS: Running a business is hard! Discover how to increase your cash flow, how to bonus your team, and how NOT to give your employees ownership while giving them incentives and a sense of ownership. Also discover who and when to hire as I walk you through the ORG chart you need in order to scale your agency. 

System 8: LEADERSHIP: Discover how to transition from an Agency owner to an Agency CEO, position your agency for acquisition, how to build an amazing culture that attracts the top talent, plus how and why to setup an advisory board.

Who is the Agency Playbook® for?

  • Creative agencies
  • SEO agencies
  • PPC agencies
  • Social agencies
  • Branding agencies
  • PR agencies
  • Development agencies
  • Content agencies
  • Email agencies

“I was able to go from $14,000 one month to $39,000 the next month by closing an upfront retainer of $30,000. We just closed another $40,000 retainer. We are now 4 months in and we are currently looking at $86,000 in revenue this month with $30,000 being MRR for the next 12 months.”

Jon Boles, Avintiv Media

You Can't Afford To Guess Anymore!

How much is not having the right systems in place costing you? How many potential clients are choosing your competition? How much profit are you losing because of scope creep? Can potential clients understand why they need your help? You can't afford to guess anymore!

“These systems will save you literally years of work. You’ll be able to do more of what you love to do.”  

You don’t know what you don’t know. But learning from someone who's been there and done it is the best way to figure it out. Ian Garlic owns a video marketing agency and says if he’d had access to the Agency Playbook® sooner it would have shaved off years from his learning curve at his agency. By implementing the systems in the Agency Playbook®, Ian is able to more of what he enjoys and less of the stuff he doesn’t.

“We were doing about $400K in annual revenue before we met Jason. Since then we’ve added $1M and are on track to be a $2.5M agency by next year.”  

Matt, like many agency owners I know, was losing money hand over fist. He hired coaches and did all his “required reading” from gurus and entrepreneurial experts, but found every resource lacking in agency-specific advice. Luckily, everything changed for Mark when he found the Agency Playbook. In his first year he added $1M in revenue to his agency and is on track to add another $2.5M in year 2!

“Now, I only work Monday-Thursday. Life is good. Every weekend I go somewhere in the mountains and play!”  

Running an agency is hard most of the time and many owners end up doing everything themselves while works 7 days a week. There’s a better way! Check out Lisa Slagle’s story about how she was able to add 3 members to her team, buy office space, and now works only 4 days per week… All this only took one year to implement after she implemented the strategies and tactics in the Agency Playbook ®.

“We went from a 7-figure agency to an 8-figure agency.”  

Derek Champaign was running a successful 7-figure digital agency when they lost some key accounts and the agency started to struggle. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise when Derek came across the Agency Playbook ®. Within one year not only recovered from major loss but actually grew from into an 8-figure agency. Check out Derek’s story here.


Q: What exactly do I get with the Agency Playbook®? A. Register today and you get immediate access to 8 system framework, so you can break up the material into digestable sections. Each system contains 2-6 short entertaining videos as well as action items you need to follow. Each video is 3-30 minutes.  

Membership in the Agency Playbook® community, where people like you gather to ask questions, encourage each other, and get feedback. I regularly contribute, too.  

All the agency documents and processes that we used at our agency. And so much more…

Q: Why don't I get access to the Agency Playbook right away?
A. When you jump into the program, we will send you access to our Agency Scale Specialist's calendar so you can book your Agency Blueprint. After your Agency Blueprint workshop, we will give you access to the Agency Playbook so you have direction.  

Q: Will the framework work for my agency? A. I've now taken over 2,000 agency owners in 23 different countries through the Agency Playbook®. This process has worked with all kinds of agencies, including: Creative, SEM, International, Social, Traditional, PR agencies, and Development companies. And all of them have come away with the same truth: If you don't have the right systems in place, your agency will struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’re startup, small or big agency, the Agency Playbook® will work for you.  

Q: How will I access the framework? A. Everything is digital, and is delivered through our online portal system, where you select your own pace: 8 days, 16 days, or 8 weeks. You’ll be guided through the teaching, coaching, and resources.  

Q: How long do I have access to the framework? A. Forever.  

Q: Is this framework different from your podcast and blog? A: The weekly blog content we put out is unstructured and random. In order for you to truly grow your agency you need to follow a proven framework in the correct order, which is why the Agency Playbook® could be the best investment you have ever made to grow your agency. 

Q: Do you have a refund policy? A: If you are asking about a refund before you jump in, then this is not the program for you. We don't want people jumping into the program that are looking for a way out. If it is truly a trust issue, we highly recommend you check out the over 500 pieces of free content on these two links. and Finally, if you are adamantly still needing a refund policy we suggest you go buy a Tai Lopez program:)