How Do You Scale Facebook Ads Once You Have Some Success?

By Jason Swenk on August 27, 2015

There are 3 types of scaling you can do to increase your reach of your Facebook marketing. Most people are scaling their ads the wrong way which will hurt their results. Discover the right way to scale your ads.

Tier 1 Scaling

  1. Duplicate the ad set and trying increasing the budget on the duplicate ad set. Don’t just increase the budget of the ad set that is working.
  2. I determine what I should budget per ad set by how big the audience is. Audience usually support about $10/day per 10,000 in the audience.

Tier 2 Scaling

  1. Upload your subscribers as custom audiences, then create look alike audiences (Test with winning ads)
  2. Upload your buyers as custom audiences, then create look alike audiences. (Test with winning ads.)
  3. Create look alike audiences from conversion pixels (Do not create until you have 1000 conversions)
  4. Install a retargeting pixel on all pages including your funnel, then create a look alike based on the retargeting pixel. (Do not create until you have 1000 conversions.)
  5. Repeat the process with different countries.

 Tier 3 Scaling

  1. Take your winning campaign that is a Website conversion goal, and create a Website click campaign to the look a like audiences
  2. Do the same thing to the other types of campaigns, and test.

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