How Should Agencies Handle Multiple Niches? | Ep #22

By Jason Swenk on July 22, 2014

In today’s episode, I discuss how agencies should handle multiple niches. This is a solo episode where I’m talking to myself! Actually, I’m talking to you, the listeners, and answering the questions that you are sending into me.

Should you even have multiple niches?

How many niches you have depends on how many authority figures or experts you have for those niches. Pick as many niches as you want, but remember that just means more work. You need to make sure you’re equipped to handle all those niches.

A lot of agencies are just starting outlook at the big players and try to model after them. If you’re looking at bigger, more established agencies you will see that many of them do have a lot of niches. But don’t be fooled – they probably didn’t start out like that.

Take a look at Facebook, for example. When Facebook started out, they only went after Ivy League college kids. It was only after they dominated that market that they branched out to other colleges. Everyone has to start out somewhere.

Dominate your niche first, branch out second.

I market myself as working with agencies, but I actually work with all types of companies. But I only started branching out into multiple niches once I had dominated the one I was in, and when I could bring on experts/practice directors to run those niches. This way you can make sure you’re using your resources effectively.

Should you be separating your niches on your blog/website?

Take a look at how closely related your niches are. If there is a wide gap between your niches’ audiences, then you should have them separated. If they are somewhat closely related, keep them connected but separate by category on your site.

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