The Best Lead Generating Agency Website Ever

By Jason Swenk on March 10, 2015

What’s the Best Website Homepage for Converting Leads?

Well today you’re in luck, because we are going to talk about the best lead generation agency website ever. Their home page converts 60%! The optimum guy in funnel optimization, Zach Johnson – founder of GameChanger Profits, talks with me about his unique approach in converting leads. This is a must listen episode.

Would you like to have your home page convert 30% or better yet… 60%?

We’ve all seen those agency websites that brag on their own capabilities and show off an impressive client list. Not Their visitors land on a webinar registration page. It’s all about giving value and converting a visitor in to a lead by attending a webinar. That’s it. No bragging, no bells, no whistles.

The coolest thing about this home page… It is a templated webinar registration page from Leadpages. It took them zero design hours, so they could focus on closing all those leads 🙂


Why A Webinar?

[ctt title=”With higher revenue per lead, why NOT a webinar? It’s like content marketing in live form. ” tweet=”With higher revenue per lead, why NOT a webinar? It’s like content marketing in live form. #leadgeneration” coverup=”etvq5″]

According to Zach, the cost of converting a prospect from a paid Facebook ad is increasingly more expensive, so he uses his ad spending to convert his leads to a webinar where he can control the selling. The results? GameChanger Profits is seeing a 60% conversion rate from warm prospects and 30% from paid traffic. No joke.

As you pick your jaw up off the floor, I’ll walk you through a funnel that is working extremely well for an agency:

  1. Offer free, content-based webinar (30-60% conversion rate!)
  2. Pre-webinar warm-up email sequence
  3. Webinar with high-value content
  4. Consultation (some are free / some are paid – this in in test)
  5. Close 90-day commitment

Biggest Funneling Challenge

Zach sees a lot of clients who have an existing funnel and know what is working and what’s not. The biggest challenge he sees is that his clients don’t know what to do with the pieces that aren’t working. Knowing what to fix can be the biggest hurdle. He suggests looking at the big picture utilizing a dashboard tool to pinpoint the weaknesses and guide you toward a fix.

Most Common Funnel Mistake

When it comes to mistakes, the biggest Zach sees is overly aggressive tactics that scare away clients. You may have a great, higher price point product but strong-arming a client to get there is a big turnoff and a major deal killer.

Need Help Generating Leads?

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