Merging Agencies, Competitive Pricing & Scaling an Agency… #AskSwenk 47

By Jason Swenk on September 13, 2016

Discover the pros and cons of merging agencies with another agency that has complimentary services. Determine if you are competitively priced in your market, and is it possible to scale a creative agency?

{1:35} Rikki asked: “We are a digital marketing agency considering merging with a design and development agency. We think this will be a good move because the services are very complimentary. What are the pros and cons?”

{6:03} Imani asked: “How do you know if you are competitively priced? I thought about getting proposals from my competitors for the type businesses that I would like to work with… should I?”

{9:29} Peter asked: “How do you scale a creative agency? Can it even be scaled? Some say agencies, in general, cannot be scaled.”

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