Pros/Cons of Merger, Competitive Pricing & Scaling a Creative Agency… #AskSwenk 47

By Jason Swenk on September 13, 2016

Discover the pros and cons of a merger with an agency that has complementary services. Determine if you are competitively priced in your market, and is it possible to scale a creative agency?

{1:35} Rikki asked: “We are a digital marketing agency considering merging with a design and development agency. We think this will be a good move because the services are very complimentary. What are the pros and cons?”

{6:03} Imani asked: “How do you know if you are competitively priced? I thought about getting proposals from my competitors for the type businesses that I would like to work with… should I?”

{9:29} Peter asked: “How do you scale a creative agency? Can it even be scaled? Some say agencies, in general, cannot be scaled.”


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