John Lee Dumas on Why You Should Have an Agency Podcast | Ep #39

By Jason Swenk on November 11, 2014

Do you have an agency podcast?

In this episode I chat with the master of podcasting, founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire, John Lee Dumas about why your business needs an agency podcast.

Podcasting is seriously great for agencies.

Here are just some reasons why you need to have an agency podcast:

  • It’s on demand. You don’t have to say no to something else to listen to a podcast. You can’t watch a video and drive a car, just like you can’t run and read a blog. But you can do all of those things (and more!) while listening to a podcast.
  • Podcasts are targeted. There are thousands of podcasts out there, specifically tailored to your interests. All you have to do is find one.
  • They’re full of free, valuable content. And really, what’s better than free and valuable. 

People listen to podcasts an average of 27 minutes. Compare that to the 45-second average for video and the three-minute average for blogs, and you can easily see how podcasts have the advantage. To be in someone’s ear for 20+ minutes is a big way to build credibility. When they have a need, you’re going to be the thing to turn to.

How do you pick an audience?

Start by picking your topic. What void will you be filling in the market? What are you truly passionate about? Use these to determine who your audience is.

Don’t be afraid to give stuff away.

[clickToTweet tweet=”It does feel counterintuitive but giving away free content is a good thing.” quote=”It does feel counterintuitive but giving away free content is a good thing.”]

You start by doing a podcast and post it on iTunes or Soundcloud. People find it when they search for the keyword associated with your podcast and suddenly, you find yourself being listened to and shared. The podcast starts driving a lot of organic traffic to your website, you’re building credibility, and your business grows.

All because you gave away something for free.

Getting started.

This is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Make sure you’re committed to it for the long term.

But don’t look at it as being a complicated process, or even your sole focus. If you put the right systems in place, podcasting won’t become a lot of extra work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: putting the right systems in place will help you work so much better.

What More Can You Do?

If you have more questions, I can help.

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