Change Your Mindset: How to Get Out of Your Way and Grow Your Agency with Erin Pheil

By Jason Swenk on December 5, 2018

Are you stuck in a rut? Feel like your agency isn’t going anywhere? Are you full of strategies but lacking in execution? Ever feel like you’re stuck on an endless hamster wheel? It might be that you’re in your own way and it’s time to dig a little deeper and change your mindset. Your biggest obstacle might be all the trash in your own head. A change in mindset and thoughts can be a critical step towards growing your agency.

In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

  • What is head trash?
  • The problems caused by head trash.
  • 3 ways to take out the (head) trash and change your mindset so you can grow your agency.

Today, I talked with Erin Pheil founder of MindFix — a group dedicated to eliminating self-sabotage in entrepreneurs and high-performers. Before she founded MindFix, Erin spent 16 years hustling at her own digital agency, FollowBright, so she totally gets the struggles of agency life. She’s here with a wealth of experience and savvy techniques to teach us how to overcome our own mental barriers. Once you get out of your own way, you’ll be on a better trajectory to grow your agency faster and easier.

What Is Head Trash and Why Is It a Problem?

There are tons of agency owners out there who have the strategies and the resources they need to become hyper-successful, but they just can’t seem to get there. Too often we look towards the latest-and-greatest strategy as a growth pillar but when it doesn’t work we get frustrated. Instead, Erin says we should be looking inward at the stories we are telling ourselves.

What negative talk or stories are you telling yourself?

  • “All my clients just beat us up on price and don’t appreciate our value.”
  • “Our clients don’t care about us, they treat us like a commodity.”

All of these stories we have in our heads are what Erin calls head trash. Basically, head trash is the loops and patterns we fall into due to previous exposure to situations. All of these stories impact the way we deal with our every day and often times causing turmoil.

For example, let’s say you used to work at a call center and you had one of those robotic scripts you had to say on every call. You couldn’t stand the script; you felt it was turning away customers because it was so poorly written. Fast forward to today. You run a marketing agency and you’re considering using a chatbot as a pre-qualifier for new leads. You have the resources and the strategy, but you don’t pull the trigger because you believe scripted conversations aren’t effective for gaining new customers. That is head trash.

Head trash is the stuff that stands in our way — and it’s the stuff we can actually control. It’s so much easier to overcome than we realize, but most of us don’t even know or understand why it exists. Head trash can cause your agency to stall, cost you clients or stand in your way of fulfilling your profession or personal potential.

3 Ways to Take Out the Trash & Change Your Mindset

How do you clear all of this programming out of your head?

1. Stop and Think! Next time someone does something that doesn’t sit right with you, think first instead of reacting. Why are they doing this? What are some reasons for this behavior? Are there external circumstances that may cause this? Once you learn how to think about every possible scenario in your encounters with others, you’ll also begin to think about your own behavior in this same way. You’ll be able to dissect your own hang-ups and understand the underlying stories you’re telling yourself. (From the earlier example… Why don’t you like chatbots? Is it because of that call center experience? Bingo!)

2. Think Neutral. You want to remove emotion from your decisions. If you start to feel emotion when you’re making a decision that should be rational, try to figure out why. There’s a root cause of every emotion; if you want to remove the head trash the key is getting to the bottom of the emotion.

3. Don’t Jump to Conclusions. This is huge! Preconceived notions can kill a good idea before it even launches. For example, don’t assume your chatbot won’t work before you even test it. Don’t be afraid to try, test, or fail. Failure is the key to future successes. If you’re jumping to conclusions all the time, you have some serious head trash you need to deal with.

Want to learn more about becoming your own mental garbage man? Erin has a FREE 60-minute learning session here. Check it out.

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