How Digital Agencies Can Improve CRO for Retail Clients

By Jason Swenk on May 6, 2020

Are you an e-commerce agency? Would you like to help your e-commerce clients achieve better results including more upsells and cross-sells? Would you like to help your clients leverage the current health and economic situation? It’s all about having the right tools that help you work smarter, not harder.

In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

  • How your agency can adapt in today’s changing market.
  • Is AI taking over for digital agencies?
  • How agencies use AI for e-commerce clients.

On today’s podcast, I’m talking with Mat Bingham, Director of Agency Partners at Justuno, a SaaS tool that is helping e-commerce agencies get better and faster results for their clients using artificial intelligence (AI). He’s sharing some strategies agencies are using right now to make quick changes for their clients who might be shut down, plus ways you can use AI to increase sales for your clients.

How Your Agency Can Adapt in Today’s Changing Market

In the B2C space, there is a need to communicate differently and update more frequently due to delays or changes in the way they’re doing business. With this in mind, a lot of agencies have adapted well to onsite marketing, email marketing, text messaging, and trying different channels to help clients. There’s huge potential for digital agencies right now to help clients pivot their business to meet today’s needs.

What got you to where you are today is not what will get you to the next level. The old set it and forget it tactic will no longer work for growing your agency.

Is AI Taking Over for Digital Agencies?

In short, no. Mat says there is a common misconception that artificial intelligence (AI) will take over for us humans. Mat says this is just not true. Instead, AI brings personalization at scale. When you want to personalize any of your automated client interactions – email, content, ads, site displays – AI is the way to do it. As an agency, it’s not efficient to spend hours building a unique campaign to a unique visitor profile.

AI can help you segment your audience to strategically offer a certain cross-sell or upsell. Mat says humans have to set the strategy and messaging, but the machine uses data to help your strategy come to life as well as executes on your strategy.

How Agencies Use AI for E-Commerce Clients

As a marketer, making decisions based on data is the best way to get results. With AI like Justuno you can create strategies based on data and get results for your clients easier and faster.

Their system injects the client’s product inventory and SKU’s into its AI engine and matches it with customers’ purchase history. It basically builds a profile for every visitor that goes to an e-commerce site. It has predetermined algorithm rules, such as: upsell, cross-sell, most viewed, most purchased, previously viewed. Then you, the marketer, tweak those algorithms to determine what is displayed when and where.

You do the strategies on what works best on for a specific upsell or cross-sell but use the tool to set up the campaign, then test and tweak it as needed.

If you want to add or improve your CRO then on-site experience is the focus. And now there is a technology that allows you to apply CRO tactics to many different channels: paid-ads, email marketing list building, as well as on-site. If you’re interested in learning more about Justuno, check out their FREE Conversion Rate Analyzer tool which provides data on email list building, how to lower cart abandonment rates, and how to increase average order value for any specific URL you provide.

And as a special offer for Smart Agency Masterclass listeners, when you signup for Justuno you’ll receive a free unlimited agency account. Head to for more information.

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