How One Agency Grew By 50% Two Years in a Row

By Jason Swenk on June 22, 2020

Do your clients struggle to understand what you actually offer? Do you make time to work on your agency instead of just in it? Sometimes, agencies lose business because they fail to cross-sell or upsell. But when you educate clients on how your agency can solve their challenges, growth is a sure thing.

In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

  • Does your agency have a marketing strategy?
  • 2 ways to help clients see the value in your services.
  • How to effectively lead your agency team.

Today I sat down with Kornel Kurtz, president and CEO of WebTek, a digital creative agency. Recently, Kornel has seen tremendous growth in his agency, and when you find out why, you’ll take a closer look at your own agency procedures. He’s here to talk about how to prevent clients from choosing other agencies for add-on services and how doing so can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Does Your Agency Have a Marketing Strategy?

For most of us, marketing is our bread and butter. We can take on a new client and create a marketing campaign that will completely knock it out of the park. We’re great at doing this for clients. But when was the last time you looked at your own agency’s marketing strategy?

Kornel has been in the agency world for over 20 years. And in that time, he has found a lot of success. But over the last two years, WebTek has seen 50% growth year after year. Why? It all comes down to marketing.

WebTek has always marketed itself as a web development and SEO agency. But they found beyond that, clients were going to other agencies for additional services. Why? Because WebTek’s clients didn’t know the agency offered anything besides web development and SEO. When Kornel figured out what was going on, he created all-in-one marketing bundles that provide everything clients need in one convenient package.

2 Ways to Help Clients See the Value of Your Services

We’ve all been to that one restaurant that has so many choices, you skip right to the special. When it comes to marketing, the same concept applies. Clients don’t want to have to figure out what they need and make a bunch of choices. That’s what you’re for. When it comes to showcasing your agency’s value, the answer is simple:

  1. Offer solutions, not products. Chances are, your clients don’t know what they need, they just want to see results. Help the client understand their problem, then offer the solution.
  2. Make it measurable. WebTek has an online portal where clients can log in and see a direct connection between a specific marketing campaign and actual results. When clients can easily view and understand the data, and realize ROI, they’re more likely to trust your methods.

How to Effectively Lead Your Agency Team

A lot of us start out as creatives, with no idea how to manage a team. So how do you know when to push and when to pull back? Kornel believes the key is to pick your battles.

Some people will be harder to manage than others. Pay attention to which employees need guidance and which ones can use a little room.

The goal is to hire a team that supports your vision and shares your goals. Don’t tell them what to do. Tell your team the specific outcomes you are looking for and trust them to handle the rest. Employees love autonomy. At the same time, it’s important to create procedures your team can reference and add to when necessary so they have a framework.

When it comes down to it, no one can sell your services better than you. Make sure your clients know what you offer and can see the value in your services. The results just may surprise you.

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