Digital Agency Pledge: I Will Never Do This in My Digital Agency Again…

By Jason Swenk on April 28, 2016

Are you a Digital Agency Owner? Do you keep promising yourself you will STOP doing something… Only to find you keep BREAKING that promise? Have you ever considered making a digital agency pledge for you and your team. A pledge can be a variety of things.

Things like…

Take the Digital Agency Pledge and Just Say NO…..

I will never force a deal to be done if we are uncertain we can get them results.

I will never take on clients that have an unrealistic budget

I will never take a new client that we don’t put through a pre-determined process.

I will never spend all my time on client work, and no time on our agency marketing.

I will never write the content for the client, just because they are taking forever to get me their content.

I will never sell outside our core services, no matter how easy or tempting it might be.

I will never take on anyone that hasn’t already built a business.

I will never do spec work that is unpaid.

I will never do RFPs, that we haven’t created or have a connection to.

I will never respond to an RFP that says, “Will only respond to RFP requests and interaction through a single, written Q&A opportunity.”

I will never submit a proposal for a project that doesn’t have a budget.

I will never send the proposal to the prospect before we review it with them.

I will never take a project without a signed / digitally accepted proposal and a deposit.

I will never accept payment arrangements when I have reason to believe they can only afford it if the campaign is successful.

I will never do media buying without charging media management fees

I will never do the “quick start” version of a campaign just to get it up and running.

I will never take clients who use the word “just.”  Such as:  “We designed it, we just need you to code it. We built it, we just need you to run the campaigns.

I will never take on a client when they come in immediately complaining about the last agency they worked with.

I will never discount my work.

I will never work with anyone who is the not the final decision-maker.

I will never I play the ukulele naked in the office when I think everyone is gone, even though it feels damn good.

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