How Digital Agencies & Their Clients Can Convert More Leads

By Jason Swenk on November 27, 2019

Is your agency struggling to convert leads? Are you looking for a new service that can deliver more leads to your clients? It’s all about delivering personalized attention. And, everyone’s attention is currently on Facebook Messenger. Your agency and your clients can convert more leads when you connect and engage in the right place at the right time. With billions of users and plenty of engagement, Facebook Messenger is one of the best ways to get in front of your prospects.

In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why your digital agency should be using Facebook Messenger.
  • How to use a bot to vet agency clients.
  • #1 way to convert more leads with Facebook Messenger.

Today, I talked with Mike Yan, Co-founder of — a chat marketing automation company. Mike’s journey to Manychat was simple. He identified a gap in the market, saw an opportunity, and pounced on it. Facebook Messenger is one of the highest converting marketing tools on the planet right now. And being able to automate workflows in Messenger is a no-brainer. Here’s how Mike’s tool is helping agencies create some seriously cool campaigns.

Why Your Digital Agency Should Be Using Facebook Messenger

Want some kick-you-in-the-pants statistic to get you going? Facebook Messenger’s open rates are around 80%+. Click-thru-rates climb as high as 60%. And Messenger has billions of users. Literally billions.

If your agency hasn’t jumped on the Messenger bandwagon yet, you need to — for your sake and/or your clients’. And being an early adopter of a tool like Manychat in order to automate your Messenger conversations is going to help you dominate down the road.

Because here’s the thing — your agency (and your clients) need some automation to win clients. You may have a team of salespeople that could sell ice in Alaska and an ops team with a bottle of growth serum. But if you can’t actually reach clients — you’re going to run into a brick wall. Automation is the secret to reaching ideal clients at scale.

How to Use Bots to Vet Agency Clients

I’m a huge fan of chatbots. I use a slick Don Draper bot to vet agency owners. And, I’ve talked a ton about the value of chatbots across digital channels. But when it comes to Messenger, you NEED to have a bot. After you’ve drawn up an incredible buyer’s journey and target audience, you need to figure out which leads are high-value and which aren’t. The key to effectively using a chatbot is to limit it to STARTING a conversation. It’s not intended to BUILD a relationship. Use a bot to filter or categorize prospects but you need a human to continue the relationship… and that is what will set you apart from other automated agencies

With chatbots, you can run prospects through the gambit without having to lift a finger. Your chatbot can determine if they’re just tire kickers or serious prospects. If they’re in the former category, you can add them to your list and hit them with your barrage of top-funnel strategies without wasting real resources. But if they’re in the latter category, you can instantly connect them to a real person and leverage your salespeople.

#1 Way to Convert with Facebook Messenger

What’s the #1 problem with bots? People know they’re bots! Stop thinking about chatbots as salespeople and start thinking about them as a digital concierge. Once prospects reveal their intentions, you can send the high-intent ones personalized video or audio messages.

This works doubly well if it comes from you instead of your team. This way your prospect goes from talking to a chatbot to getting a one-of-a-kind messaging from the person in charge. That switch from automation to personalization can help you win big by distinguishing your agency from the rest who are bot-ifying everything!

In a world that is fully automated, set your agency apart with custom and personal contact.

Would You Like More Leads for Your Agency?

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