Have You Hit a Plateau With Growing Your Agency? Do You Want to Grow & Scale Your Marketing Agency?


Live Workshop in Atlanta, GA June 19th, 2017

Dear Agency Owner,

Stop struggling with your Agency Sales and Create an Agency Sales Machine. 

Do you have trouble finding time to work on your marketing agency’s marketing and when you finally do it’s overwhelming? Are you constantly saying it’s the story of the “Cobbler’s Kids” when it comes to your website? 

Do you want to get high quality prospects? The ones that can afford the “big work” and are willing to pay what you are worth? 

It’s a classic struggle but we have a solution to making your marketing message clear, stand out and timeless.


You are probably spending too much time time selling, or trying to find sales people. It’s frustrating and killing your margins, and also taking away from your expert authority. Your agency goes to trade shows, but they always feel like a crap shoot with a long ROI. 

You may have noticed the "agency world" has been exploding in a pretty big way in the last few years. More people are starting agencies, growing, and selling agencies.

So I decided it was time to create a whole new event...

Where I’d bring together a select group of other agency owners to offer you the very best of what we’ve discovered, tested, tweaked, and (as far as possible) perfected when it comes to creating serious growth in your agency.  

And it’s happening in June in Atlanta Georgia

"After attending this training with Jason, I changed my approach to sales and lead generation. I learned how easy it was to generate new business. In the three months following the event, I have closed more than $160,000 in new business using the exact techniques I learned. I will never go back to waiting on referrals." 

~ Drew Pearson CEO of Ninja Multi Media

Discover How to Grow & Scale Your Agency

  • How to Create an Irresistible Promise for your prospect
  • How to overcome objections before they are objections
  • How to quickly set yourself apart from the competition to the point where they are irrelevant
  • Be seen as a trusted advisor and not an order taker
  • Identify the most profitable deals and close them faster
  • Find and train the correct salesperson
  • Create a Conference Profit Machine
  • How to find the Stories that your prospect will never forget
  • How to use those stories to overcome objections before they are ever spoken
  • How the agency owner should be paid to talk to every prospect 
  • ROI at any conference before you leave 
  • How to structure your day to maximize sales and production
  • The Four Types of Salespeople and how to find and train them
  • The core pieces of your offering ladder and the one most agencies miss
  • How to dramatically increase profits by identifying problem deals before they become problem deals
  • Take advantage of those those clients that could not afford your main service

What's Included...

  • Full Day Workshop with me and other amazing seasoned agency owners. 
  • Lunch & Powerful Networking with other agencies to discover new partnerships.