Have You Hit a Plateau With Growing Your Agency? Do You Want to Grow & Scale Your Marketing Agency?


Live Agency Workshop in Atlanta, GA FEB 8-9, 2018 Early bird pricing expires OCT 15th, 2016


Dear Agency Owner,

This is an invitation...but it's very different than you are used too. 

When you normally get an invitation, the host wants everyone to attend, but with this invitation, we are not trying to get everyone to show up. Actually the opposite.

This private workshop is not for every agency owner, and frankly, not everyone who applies is accepted. You must be an agency owner that is wanting major change and willing to do what it takes to take action. 

Now... if you do manage to get in, you'll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds in business your friends. And if you understand that success in life is less about what you know or even WHO you know...and more about WHO KNOWS YOU... 

...then you'll like what you're about to see. 

We are expecting hundreds of applications, and only 15 agencies will be accepted. You see, I want this experience to be very hands on and personal where you leave with a lot of the heavy lifting done as well as a clear plan of action.

"After attending this training with Jason, I changed my approach to sales and lead generation. I learned how easy it was to generate new business. In the three months following the event, I have closed more than $160,000 in new business using the exact techniques I learned. I will never go back to waiting on referrals." 

~ Drew Pearson CEO of Ninja Multi Media

Discover How to Grow & Scale Your Agency

  • Discover how to run a paid discovery / audit that increases your chances of winning the big project by 20x. 
  • Uncover the multiple lead generation channels you need to scale your business development. 
  • Identify how to change the conversation to increase sales & profitability. 
  • Learn how to charge on value and not price. 
  • Streamline the proposal process, position for the BIGGER wins, higher conversions.

What's Included...

  • Two Day Workshop with me and other amazing agency owners. 
  • HOT SEATS! Where you get insights and new ideas from other agency owners. 
  • Powerful Networking with other agencies to discover new partnerships. 

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