Since dedicating myself to focusing solely on what I'm good at and creating systems around it, my business is EXPLODING. In 30 days, I have 700k of deals in my pipeline and I've closed 265k worth of business. The agency mastermind's constant emphasis on creating systems is largely to thank for that. ~ JOEY GILKEY | Tribe Prospecting

Why You Need an Agency Owner Mastermind?

My name is Jason Swenk, and I have literally written the book for growing an agency from nothing to an 8 figure agency. I've been called one of the most sought out advisors to agencies in the World, by showing agency owners a framework that worked for growing & eventually selling my agency.

The agency owner only mastermind will help you grow your agency faster by sharing what works today, not yesterday. This collaborative mastermind is filled with other motivated agency owners willing to share their knowledge and wisdom to help catapult you to the next level. Together, we will grow your agency faster.

Most agency owners struggle to scale. We’ve developed a process that will guide you through the journey of implementing the right strategies & systems so you can scale your agency .

We do this by bringing together agency thought leaders to share strategies, offer advice, and reveal what’s working (and what’s not working) in their agency.

The truth is, whatever you want to accomplish in life, nothing will help you go further, faster than getting the right advisor in the context of motivated peers. If you want to GROW fast and smart, here's how Agency University™ Mastermind will HELP.

This Agency Mastermind Isn't For Everyone


You must be a successful agency owner.

So that we are all of the greatest value to each other, everyone must be an experienced agency owner. You must own an agency that generates at least $300k a year in revenue to be considered.


You must have a willingness to share and learn.

For the mastermind to run at its full potential, you must be willing to share your wins and your losses, and you must be excited to learn from other people. We share our experiences to help each other grow.

If you want to GROW fast and smart, here's how we will HELP


2 Live Mastermind Calls Each Month:

Less than 15 agency owners per group will jump on a live Zoom call to discuss the latest problems and strategies with the group. The smaller group will act as your board of advisors, to ensure you are making the right decisions. 


1 Monthly What's Working Strategy Workshop

Led by Jason, mastermind members present current strategies for growing your agency. Be able to ask in depth questions to so you can customize the strategy to your exact needs.


3 Foundational Books for Growing Quicker. We will mail you 3 foundational books for structuring a solid foundation for your agency. They will direct you through the basics you need in order to grow your agency faster, from positioning your agency as "The Choice" to creating the right offer that will increase your lifetime value of your clients and speed up your sales cycle. (Value $1,000)


2 Live Events Each Year. Twice per year, you get the opportunity to meet with me and a small group of other agency owners for a two-day intensive workshop where we dive deep into your agency's exact issues, challenges, and struggles. Together, we will solve your problems and set you up to take immediate action that will grow your agency faster and easier than you could alone.

The Exclusive AU Mastermind Facebook Group. Our amazingly active and supportive Agency University Facebook community provides help and support for your daily dilemmas. You’ll get your issues solved quickly by myself and my team, as well as feedback from from other like-minded agency owners who are also part of our exclusive members-only group.

"I wanted to follow back up with you to give you an update on our progress. We're really implementing what you taught me, and to no surprise... it's working! I went back and looked and our revenues have doubled, and have an outside chance of making that 3x by EOY. If you ever have someone on the fence, send them my way." Todd Earwood ~ Money Path Agency

Do You Think You Can Grow Your Agency Quicker By Yourself?

How much is making the wrong decision costing you? How many potential clients are choosing your competition? How much profit are you losing because of scope creep? Can potential clients understand why they need your help? You can't afford to guess anymore.

This mastermind is only for people who fit the above criteria—top-level agency owners who are fun and passionate and love this stuff as much as we do—and membership is granted on a case-by-case basis.

If you are accepted, it's just $697 a month with no long term contract. Stay in as long as you want.

If it feels like a stretch, the mastermind is not right for you. I would recommend investing your time and money into the Agency Playbook or our free content we put out every week.

If you think you’re a good fit, and you’re ready to make the investment to join the mastermind… Then we would love for you to apply.

After you submit your application, a member of my team will contact you to chat about your membership. (If you are accepted, there is no obligation to join—but you really should!)

Apply today to get the resources and support you need to grow your agency faster.

"Thank you Jason and fellow agency mastermind members! After two years in business, I had one of my worst months ever. My biggest clients left, along with two of my employees. I was struggling to pay the bills and make payroll. I felt like it was time to give up and close my agency. My AU group had other plans for me. They rallied around me at one of my lowest points. They inspired me to get scrappy and hustle harder than ever. A mere 6 days after my decision to quit, I landed a £38,800 project and I'm back in the game thanks to the support of Agency University." ~ Aman Birdi CEO of Digiruu


As a new member we will send you 3 unreleased books delivered right to your door that are the foundation for our client's success:

  1. Who, What, When - The foundation to growing and scaling your agency.
  2. Positioning to Standout - How to establish your agency as the leader in your market.
  3. The Perfect Offer - The simple formula for pitching your services, increase your closing percentage, and speed up your sales cycle.

"Yeah, your Agency University almost worked too good. haha. Since joining, we were able to double revenue, and today we just landed our biggest retainer yet at $40,000 a month." ~ Jon Boles CEO of Avintiv Media


Q: What exactly do I get when I join Agency University?

A. Join today and you get immediate access to the following:

  1. Bi-Monthly Live Group Calls with Jason Swenk (also recorded).
  2. Access to three foundational systems to allow you to grow faster and easier.
  3. PRIVATE Agency Mastermind Facebook Group.
  4. Twice per year LIVE events.. As an Agency University member you get first access to Jason’s in-person events in Atlanta, GA. In these full day workshops Jason covers the latest strategies for growing your agency. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn when you collaborate in a group setting and dedicate time toward learning to grow.

Q: Will Agency University Mastermind work for my agency?

A. I've helped over 20,000 agency owners in 23 different countries by teaching them the right systems and processes. This process has worked with all kinds of agencies including: creative, SEM, international, social, traditional, PR agencies, and development companies. And all of them have come away with the same truth: If you don't have the right systems in place, your agency will struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’re startup, small or big agency. If you put in the time and effort Agency University will work for you.

Q: How is this different from the Agency Playbook?

A: My Agency Playbook is a do-it-yourself online training that walks through 8 systems for growing and scaling your agency. It’s an excellent program for those who want to navigate growth on their own, however there is no interaction or one-on-one mentorship from me. With Agency University, you have direct access to me so I can hear about your problem areas and give you advice and guidance geared to your specific situation.

Q: Do I get to talk directly to you on the monthly calls?

A: Yes. Our bi-monthly group calls are always led by me (Jason) and after sharing information and strategy, I take everyone's Q&A.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: Nope! Stay in the program as long as you want and cancel at anytime. There are a lot of programs out there that require a four-week or twelve-week commitment. The trouble is that as you grow new issues will arise and you’ll want continued support. As a member of Agency University, you’ll receive relevant help all along the way. You can cancel it at anytime but most will benefit for years to come.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: If you are asking about a refund before you jump in, then this is not the program for you. We don't want people jumping into the program that is looking for a way out. If it is truly a trust issue, we highly recommend you check out the over 500 pieces of free content on these two links. and Finally, if you are admitenely still needing a refund policy we suggest you go buy a Tai Lopez program:)