Outgrowing Clients, Starting an Agency & Outsourcing Content… #AskSwenk Episode 31

By Jason Swenk on May 10, 2016

On this episode of #AskSwenk, we’ll cover:  what to do when your agency is outgrowing clients, all about starting an agency (like when and how), and whether you should outsource your content writing.

(0:21) Jojo asked: “My question is, how far do we need to go for these clients before it is time to think about politely passing them off to a more suitable freelancer or smaller agency? I appreciate that they were part of our business growth up to this point, but some of these clients are “loss-making” for us and get in the way of other work.”

What to do When Outgrowing Clients?

When you feel you are outgrowing previous clients, it’s a sign your agency is reaching a new milestone. If you don’t let go or pass on clients you feel you are outgrowing,  you open yourself up to having your agency held back or even worse, lose money. When you are outgrowing clients, what you should do is pass them onto other agencies or reliable freelancers you know will help.

(2:46) Nancy asked: “What will I be ready to start an agency? Should I start one now and leave my job?”

When Do I Start My Own Agency?

Are you working for someone right now and can’t stand it? Then you could be ready to create your own agency and this is the best time as it’ll be when your most passionate. A key thing to keep in mind is what your end goal of creating your own agency is and if it’s to make money, that’s a bad sign and you shouldn’t take the leap in starting your own agency. Find your niche that will make your agency stand out from the other agencies out there offering the same services.

(5:25)  Enoch asked: “Do you think outsourcing content makes you more productive?”

Will Outsourcing Content Make Me Productive?

Outsourcing content is something done by many agencies but if you want to demonstrate the value of your agency, the content needs to come from you and your team. To put it simply, you shouldn’t outsource your content.

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