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Jason Swenk is an international speaker who provides VALUABLE material to EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN your audience.

Jason is a big kid, former digital agency owner, entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, Ironman, Crossfitter, ex-actor in a B-rated movie, and much more.

He has a passion for digital marketing, and a way of weaving lessons into stories to keep listeners ENGAGED throughout the entire presentation.

As a former digital agency owner, Jason is ideal for the Agency Owners at your event. Jason also had a corporate career for about 5 minutes and created a mobile nutrition app that lasted an even shorter time. However, he did startup his agency and grew it to 8-figures. So, there’s that.

Jason is the founder of, a resource for digital agency owners who want to start, scale and sell their business. He also host two weekly shows, and sometimes he host the neighborhood block party.

He never hosts family holidays because his family is crazy.

A few of Jason’s favorite topics are:

You still haven’t booked Jason to speak?

Perhaps you need to see for yourself:

If your audience is looking for agency growth strategies, or if your boss told you to get a pretty face on that stage…

Still not convinced to book Jason, huh?

Did you know that Jason has been listed as an expert in the digital marketing space in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post? He also has been a guest on hundreds of podcasts over the past two years and have spoken at some pretty impressive events, such as:

Why haven’t you booked Jason to speak yet?

Maybe you’re the type that needs to be persuaded by what others have to say. (In our biz we call that “social influence.” wink, wink)

Jason delivered an excellent session to our Inbound audience. He received high marks and praise for the quality and usefulness of his content. I look forward to having him present at Inbound in the future.”
~ Al Biedrzycki, Hubspot

Jason has the best hair I’ve worked on in my entire 3 year career.”
~ Harrison Cutter, Jason’s hair stylist

Jason brings a ton of energy and passion to everything he does, and his speaking engagements are no exception! Jason’s first-hand knowledge of running a successful agency and his focus on providing practical insights and steps that agencies can implement TODAY makes him an invaluable resource for execs wanting to grow their businesses.”
~ Jami Oetting, HubSpot’s Agency Post

Those blue eyes in Jason’s headshot are real. These images have not been altered.”
~ Dr. Stewart Seabetter, Jason’s optometrist

Jason’s teeth are nothing short of amazing – and I know beautiful bicuspids when I see them.”
~ Dr. Simon Smiley, Jason’s dentist

As if these testimonials weren’t enough to convince you, here’s an amazing video of Jason with his cat.

Disclaimer: no cats were harmed in the making of this video.