Business Inspiration: Small Enough To Change, Big Enough To Matter

By Jason Swenk on January 29, 2014

If you are in search for some business inspiration, I have a great story for you. I attended a great conference a couple of months ago were I was listening to the CEO of Cinnabon speak. She started off talking about the mission work she does over in Africa.

One day a group of them were driving to a small village and on the way they saw a mother holding a child in her arms. They were both very sick and about to die.  One person in the group wanted to stop and give them all of their food and money. The CEO immediately said no, which surprised everyone in the group. She explained that no matter what they do now, they will not prevent the outcome.

Searching for Business Inspiration

She continued to speak about her trip and I was a little taken back about the previous story. The next story was about a father with two kids in a small village. The villagers told the mission group that the father was very sick but the mission group could not help him. The group knew that in most African villages resources are very hard to come by and if the father dies, his family is most likely to follow as other villagers will need to take care of their own children. Knowing all this the mission group drove two hours to the hospital and two hours back to treat the father, which showed the villagers that the outside world cares and they should as well. Then she said this is an example of “small enough to change and big enough to matter.”

This same principle can be applied to running any business, from creating a marketing plan to managing a team.

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