Join the best agency mastermind filled with growth-oriented agency owners who want to fast-track their success, scale faster and reach (or surpass) the 8 figure club.



This mastermind is expensive, and you'll have to be ready to invest the time into scaling your agency. If you have an ego and you think you know everything, this is not for you.

You’ll be required to show up and share with other members as well as explain what did and didn’t work. Just like they will need to do with you.


  • Must be an agency owner doing at least $700k in annual revenue, even though most members are well above the million mark, and the biggest is $30 million.
  • Has full-time employees on their team.
  • Is open to new ideas and executes fast.
  • Wants to build something amazing, and be around amazing agency owners.


Because I love helping agencies that are already at the $700k+ and those are the people that are already in the Elite. It is also my promise to the current members that we set our standards high and only bring in the best to make sure we grow faster together while having an amazing time.

Hi, I'm Jason Swenk.

I was an owner of a multi-million dollar digital agency for 12 years before I sold my agency and created the Digital Agency Elite Mastermind.

Since then, I've helped over 20,000 agency owners in 23 different countries by teaching them the right systems and processes for scaling (and eventually selling) their agencies. I have even created another digital agency with some amazing people that has grown to over $30 million and over 8 figures in EBITA.

This process has worked with all kinds of agencies including graphic design, SEM, international, social, traditional, PR agencies, and development companies.

All of them have come away with the same truth: If you don't have the right systems in place, your agency will struggle. It doesn’t matter if you're a startup, small or big agency. If you put in the time and effort, Agency Mastermind will work for you.

This is NOT your typical mastermind.

Back when I was an agency owner, I joined a variety of mastermind groups, and it did pay off. We grew to over 8 figures in under 2 years.

The mastermind groups I joined were just what I needed at the time. They gave me role models to look up to, a community to hold me accountable, and a proven framework for success.

But I still felt there was something missing. The people in these groups were often catty and competitive. I felt like I was always giving, but not getting much back in return.

The frameworks being taught weren’t tailored specifically to agency owners, so some of them didn’t work for me.

That’s why I created the Digital Agency Elite Mastermind. I wanted to get together with driven, like-minded people, who actually GOT it.


What's the Investment?

This is an ELITE mastermind, with an ELITE (but competitive) price tag. It’s an investment in your professional development and your agency’s future.

It’s totally free to apply and if you qualify, we’ll share the investment details on your call with one of our team members.

I can tell you that the investment to join the mastermind PALES in comparison to the returns you will likely see.

Results like these are the rule, NOT the exception for Mastermind members...

“We added $60k in recurring revenue in less than a week without doing any more work.”

Dean Dutro, Owner of Worth Ecommerce

“We went from barely being able to afford the mastermind (but diving in any way) to a multi-million dollar agency with 20+ employees and growing by double-digits every year.”

Justin Christiansen, Owner of Conversion Fanatics

How to Apply

Complete the

The mastermind is a group of handpicked elite digital agency owners, so we’re picky about who we let in. Click the button below to fill out the application. We want to make sure you’re a good fit for us, and we are a good fit for you and your agency needs.

Book a

If I feel you would be a good addition to the Mastermind, someone from my team will reach out to schedule a call with you. If you don’t qualify for the Mastermind, we won’t leave you hanging. My team will offer you resources and some direction to help you out.

Join the

If you’re accepted into the group, you’ll join a small, tight-knit group of no more than 15 other agency owners. Every single member is a go getter, passionate about agency growth and NOT catty or competitive. You’ll get direct access to me and my team as well as TONS of agency-specific trainings and resources.