Why You MUST Increase Your Prices by at Least 10x

By Jason Swenk on October 8, 2014

Why you should raise your ratesA couple years ago, I made a million dollar decision. Literally.

I decided that I would STOP selling low end websites. Instead, I would START doing $50,000+. That decision was the BEST I have ever made. Here’s why:

Low-ticket selling creates overwhelm. It is EASY AND FUN to provide excellent service to 20 people paying you $50,000 each. You are now a million dollar business 🙂

It is IMPOSSIBLE to provide that same level of service to 50 people giving you $5,000. You make $250,000 and work 20x more. Not only that, the people who invested $5,000 will a customer-support nightmare. They won’t follow your defined processes.

The high-end clients, on the other hand, will do EVERYTHING they can to succeed and work with you to deliver results.

Let’s suppose that if someone pays you $5,000 and it add hundreds of thousands or millions to their business. If that’s the case, those results are HUGE. So why are you only charging $5,000?

If you don’t believe enough in your business and yourself to charge what you’re really worth, then why should your clients?

Companies who REALLY want results seek out and buy the BEST. By not charging a premium price, you create DOUBT in your client’s mind whether you really can deliver the results they’re seeking!

I have made the decision to transform my business into the OPPOSITE of that. By commanding higher prices, I’m ensuring that my clients are SERIOUS about getting results and they take comfort in knowing that they are buying the BEST OF THE BEST.


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